Monday, 25 October 2010

White Nights Part 7 is finished!

Another White Nights happy dance!

This week it's half term so I have a week off. I can't decide whether to carry on with White Nights in the day, to get a head start on part 8, or to stitch the Santa Tree Skirt, which is on the rotation this week, in the day and during the evening.  Anyway, before such decisions have to be made I have some more Halloween stockings to finish.

This morning I finished the Just Nan Tricky Tweets, Jackie Lantern, which was one of my birthday stash enhancements from last weekend.

I stitched this on 28 count Dawn Cashel linen from Picture This Plus using the recommended DMC floss. The five pence piece is shown to give some idea of size. 

This weekend was a Railway Weekend.  Whilst walking up the main street in Llangollen  I saw, in a shop window, some items which could enhance my Halloween display. One of the items was duly bought.  Here she is.

Called Alizon Device after one of the real Witches of Pendle she is part of the, you've guessed it, Witches of Pendle range, from Sawley Fine Arts.  Whilst looking at their site, which I recommend you do, I noticed that one of the witches in the range was called Jennet Device.  This was a must have as we share the same first name, only mine only has one N, a long story, but my Dad is to blame for the missing letter. By the way, in real life Jennet Device was not actually a witch. So an eBay purchase later and another Lancashire Witch is on it's way back to Lancashire!

I'm off to finish the ornaments as my Weeks Dye Works Carrot should now be dry, having been through the washing machine in a Floss-a-way bag as it was in the back pocket of my jeans!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spooky Scissor Fob

Last weekend we stayed at my Mum and Dad's so I was able to get a lot of stitching done.  I was able to start and finish the Spooky Scissor Fob from Shepherd's Bush. I finished this into an ornament for the light tree. This is the front.

This is the back.

Last week on the rotation it was the turn of Witches Riding By.  I'm really pleased with the progress I'm making on this one.  The dark parts of the sky, owl, broom and the dark parts of her dress are finished.

At the weekend it was my birthday.  I got lots of lovely things, including some stash enhancements.  The Other Half also bought me some handmade chocolates and a bottle of Champagne.  The chocolates look too good to eat!

I also received a teddy bear dressed as a witch.  Here she is with the Spooky Scissor Fob.

Happy stitching, Halloween or otherwise, to everyone!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls!

Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls! was my Just Nan stitching for this week.

I stitched this on 28ct Zweigart Cashel Linen, Cobblestone , using the recommended DMC floss. The coffin charm is quite bulky and hides a surprise.

Here is a close up of the coffin when it is shut

and open!

Today was a finishing off day.  Firstly I made 'By the Full Moon' into a pillow to hang on the light tree.

I also finished the Trick or Treat stocking into an ornament. I've run out of black beads so the cotton perle hanger is a temporary one.

Next week's stitching has a Spooky feel to it as it is back to Witches Riding By.  But there are still a few stitching hours left today so it could be a new start, probably with a spooky theme!

Happy Stitching

Monday, 4 October 2010

Some progress is better than none at all!

That's how I feel about The Cream Santa. In reality I'm almost up to his beard but there's a lot more stitching to do on his other side.

This weekend was a Railway Weekend and despite a ten hour shift in the signal box on Saturday I managed to complete the stitching on the Blackbird Designs Halloween stocking called 'Trick or Treat'.

I should be able to finish this off into an ornament for the light tree next weekend, along with 'By The Full Moon', a design by Tracy Horner, of Ink Circles, which appeared in this year's Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue.

I stitched this on 28ct lilac linen from Zweigart using the recommended overdyed floss.

On the way to 'The Railway' I stitched the October picture for Sylvia's My Little Heart SAL.

So that was it for last week.  This week is Just Nan week and I have a small Spooky item to stitch.  Mind you, this evening it has taken me about an hour and a half to compose this post.  Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos with the new Blogger compose/edit feature? Some of these photos have taken up to five minutes to upload.  I even switched to The Other Half's laptop in case my PC was a fault, hence no fancy signature this time.