Sunday, 22 February 2015

After dusting off the sewing machine

This is what I achieved.

The Goodness and Grace, part three of Shepherd's fold, was made into it's pin cushion.  This is rather large, and as you can see, almost fills the box!

Here it is from a different angle.

In my last post I said that I was about to start part four of the fold.  This was a needle book.  Whilst I like the design I'm not too happy with the finishing which could have been made easier if they had supplied more of the spotty fabric that lined the needle book.  There was only just enough fabric and not enough to make the spots on the fabric square with the edges of the book.

Here is the front.

And the inside.

There will be a round up picture of this project so far at the end.

Last week on the rotation was The Drawn Thread.  I finished Easter Eggs and, whilst the machine was up, made it into a bell pull.  B My Valentine, stitched last year, also got the same treatment.
Here is B My Valentine
Having finished these I still had a few days left on the rotation, remember it has been half term here so I have had a week off, so I started and finished Autumn Jumble, also from The Drawn Thread.
This, like the others, came kitted up from my LNS and was stitched on 34ct Café au Lait Legacy linen using the recommended silk floss.
 Here it is framed and 'staged'.
By this time I was 'jumbled out' and started the next project on the rotation a little early.  It's back to a Lizzie*Kate project. as spring is hopefully just around the corner I have shelved their Halloween project for this month and have started something a little more seasonal which will also require the sewing machine in order to be fully finished.  More about this next time.
As promised I will leave you with the parts of the Shepherd's Fold completed so far, and my TUSAL offering for this month, only two days late!
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A day later than originally intended

So about this time yesterday I began sorting out my photos for this post. I had even ironed some of the projects as I was fed up of posting pictures of crumpled stitching.  Then there was this very loud, metallic sounding, crunching noise from the kitchen.  The cat was hiding under the table looking at the washing machine which was no longer working and had that burnt out smell about it.  To cut a long story short  the washing machine had packed in with a full load of bedding inside it. The rest of the evening was spent draining that down and sourcing a new washing machine which arrives on Friday.

So three weeks have passed by since my last post.  I was beginning my Drawn Thread week.  I was pleased with my progress on Easter Eggs.

The following week it was the turn of a Halloween project.  I managed to get Part 3 of Very Scary by Lizzie*Kate completed.  The fabric is actually a greenish colour not the grey that it appears to be on this photo.

The completion of this saw the rotation start again and it begins with a Just Nan project.  As I think I've mentioned before the Just Dropping In series from last year are a quick stitch.  I managed to complete #2 Bunny Shower.

This is stitched on 32ct lilac Belfast linen with  the recommended DMC floss.

This week it is back to Shepherd's Bush. Being honest, When I finished Bunny Shower I still had two days of my Just Nan week left so instead of carrying on with Hoppington Hill I worked on Safely Gathered from Shepherd's Bush.

This came as a kit and is stitched on 32ct Sandstone linen.  The sheep was an impulse purchase from my local shopping emporium (I also bought the mum and another little sheep).

The reason for starting Shepherd's Bush week early was that the next part of the fold has arrived and I want to finish the stitching of that before next week, which is half term and an opportunity to get the sewing machine out and do some serious finishing of projects that need more than hand sewing!

Another post in just over a week, if I have anything to show.

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January TUSAL

Here is my January picture.

I took part in the first ever TUSAL a few years ago and then dropped out.  This year I have taken it up again in an attempt to make me blog more frequently!

This contains some of the threads left over from stitching the Blue Snowman and my yesterday's start Easter Eggs.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

January ~ the first two weeks

OK, so this makes a change, about two weeks since my last post rather than two or more months!

I think I mentioned in my last post that this year the first week of the rotation would be Just Nan week.  Carrying on with the seasonal theme the first project to be stitched was It's Snowing Men, Just Dropping In #1. Being  6" x 4" this was a quick stitch. It's done on 32ct Flax Belfast linen with DMC floss.

The next project was something I have had on the go for a bit but stopped working on in favour of more seasonal things.  Anyway I had a few days in Just Nan week left so I picked this one back up.

This is the hat part of Spooky from the Over The Top series of 2009.  This was stitched on 30ct Peoria Purple from Weeks Dye Works.  The brim of the hat, just visible on the picture, has appeared on another post. This is the second hat I have done and I hate finishing them, fortunately no more in the stash!

Having finished that I still had some time left so managed to stitch another square on Hoppington Hill.
So that was Just Nan week.  I decided that the second week on the rotation would be Shepherd's Bush week.  I managed two finishes here, helped by being off work for four days with whatever is going round at the moment.
The first finish was the Blue Snowman. He is stitched on 30ct Blue Jeans linen from Weeks Dye Works with the silks that came with the kit.
Next was Goodness and Grace, the third part of Shepherd's Fold.  This pin cushion is about five inches square and will virtually fill the Shepherd's Fold box.  This still needs to be made up which is a sewing machine job for another weekend.
I also started the Safely Gathered pin cushion.  This is a lot smaller than Goodness and Grace.
Next week will be The Drawn Thread Week. I will be making a start on Easter Jumble.
Happy stitching!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Festive finishes and the first finish of 2015!

Firstly the first finish of 2015! Started on New Year's Eve and finished on New Year's Day it is Peace on Earth, number four in the Just Dropping in Series from Just Nan.  The instructions suggest that this should be stitched on 32ct Alluring Blue Belfast linen, I'm not sure that this fabric is correct but it's the one the chart came with when ordered from America.  This was stitched with the recommended DMC and Kerinik floss. I have tried several times but cannot get a decent photo, this is as good as it gets.

My other finishes have a festive theme starting with Hark from Shepherd's Bush.  This was in the 2014 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue.  The fabric was from my stash, not sure what colour, but the ornaments were stitched with the recommended over dyed floss.  This ornament was my family Christmas ornament for 2014 so I stitched it five times!  i only had one of the special buttons so had to design my own horn for the other ornaments.

Another Shepherd's Bush finish with a a festive theme is 'Tis the Season. This came as a kit and is stitched on 32ct lambswool linen with over dyed floss.

Other festive Just Nan finishes are the Gingerbread Angel Mouse, I stitched this twice, once for me and again for a gift.  I also stitched her Gingerbread Garden Cube.  these were both stitched on 32ct Gingerbread Belfast linen using DMC.

Here they are made up.

My final Just Nan finish was an impulse project.  Blitzen Glistens was stitched on some left over 32ct opalescent natural Belfast linen with DMC floss. I framed it in a three inch frame from Framecraft.

Now for some other finishes.   I started the Snow Days Bell Pull  from Waxing Moon Designs last New Year.  It became a UFO which I finished over the school holidays. In fact most of the projects in this post have been stitched over the last two weeks. All I need is to get some bell pull ends and this is ready to hang up when/if it snows!

Again with a seasons theme is the Winter Jumble from The Drawn Thread.  This was stitched on 34ct Puritan Grey Legacy linen with the suggested silk floss.

This fits a 6" x 4" photo frame. I still have the Autumn Jumble to do and some of their larger jumbles, so watch this space in 2015.

And finally, I was stitching this the last time I posted, I think.  Fall Ewe All  followed by Autumn Sheep from Shepherd's Bush. Again these was stitched on the recommended fabric with the recommended over dyed floss.

I have not decided what the 2015 rotation is going to look like but there will probably be a Shepherd's Bush week, a Just Nan week, a Drawn Thread week and possibly a Glendon Place week.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. best wishes for 2015.

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

October round up!

The nights are drawing in here in the UK and I've made an effort to stitch most evenings. I now need to work on the blogging!

Here is a round up of what has been going on since I last posted, there is a distinct Halloween feel.

Lizzie*Kate's ABC Halloween has been a WIP, actually a UFO for quite some time. Pictures haven't appeared on here as it was my Yorkshire sewing to be done when staying at my husband's house in Yorkshire before his house sold.  That was in February.  Anyway it's finished now.

This was stitched on 32ct Dirty Belfast linen with the recommended DMC and Crescent Colours floss.  When I finished this I started another Lizzie*Kate Halloween project, the Mystery Sampler Club Very Scary from 2013.

This is part 3 as I usually start at the bottom and stitch upwards.

For me Halloween would not be Halloween without some Just Nan. So here we go.
Firstly the Cure Hoots Ollie and Percy.  Ollie is stitched on 30ct carrot linen from Weeks Dye Works and Percy on 30ct Peoria purple linen also from Weeks Dye Works.  Both were stitched with the recommended DMC floss.

Made up they look like this.
Next up Miss Witchy Mouse. this one is so cute I've actually stitched her twice. Once for me and once for my Mother-in -law.  She is stitched on 32ct raw Belfast linen with DMC floss.
Careful use of the Peoria purple linen supplied with Percy Hoot meant that I had enough to stitch the Spooky Witch Hat, a limited edition tin from the Over The Top  series from 2009. so far I have stitched the base of the hat. 
Stitching the rest of the hat has been suspended as a Halloween themed birthday gift has taken its place.  This is the Halloween Frights Treat Box from Praiseworthy Stitches.  I spent two evenings reading the finishing instructions.  Too much glue for my liking so what you see here has been hand finished from the lining inside the tin, which you can't see, the Frankie Needlebook and the purple ribbon around the lid lining.
The scissor sheath is being stitched at the moment.
I'm yet to work out how to finish this without using glue. Still to complete is a beaded scissor fob, pumpkin pyn cushion and candy corn pyn disc.
Not all my stitching has had a Halloween theme. There has been some festive finishes too.  These are from Shepherd's Bush. The Grey Snowman and Hark from this year's Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament issue.  Both are stitched with the recommended floss.
Has anyone else done the Shepherd's Bush snowmen?  I do not want to get them framed individually as there are too many of them.  has anyone found a novel way of displaying them? I was thinking of making them into bunting to hang some where in the house.  Any suggestions gratefully received.
Happy stitching!