Thursday, 26 August 2010

White Nights progress report

As you know the houses making up Part 5 of White Nights have been getting me down. I started stitching them in January and have managed one house a week on the rotation. One good weeks I've managed to stitch some of the corner sections making up Part 6 as per the cunning plan put forward by my Mum back in January.

At the start of the school holidays my Mum came up with yet another suggestion which was to stitch White Nights during the day and do the rotation pieces in the evening as normal. So for once I actually listened to my Mum and did what she suggested! I am please to report that Part 5 is finished!

As is Part 6.

And half of Part 7!

The whole thing looks like this so far.

Despite all this progress this week has not been a productive week stitching wise. On Tuesday I had to go into work as it was GCSE results day and yesterday we went on a 'Steam Special' called 'The Fellsman' from Preston to Carlisle and back over the historic and picturesque Settle to Carlisle Railway. This was a fantastic day out. I would recommend this trip to anyone as the scenery is beautiful. The weather was on our side. Here are some photos from that trip. Firstly the loco Leander, which pulled our train, standing at Carlisle station.

Next a view of Pen-Y-Ghent from the train.

Some of the people who had turned out to watch the train.

These people, and many more were watching the train go over this...

... Ribblehead Viaduct. Started in October 1870 this viaduct took five years to build. A temporary brickworks was constructed nearby making 20,000 brick a day for the viaduct! You can not get a good picture of a train on a viaduct whilst you are on it yourself so this is one I found taken of our trip here, a spectacular sight!

I will finish this post by returning to White Nights, the success story of the summer. Glass of wine and a happy dance tonight!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Another tree to add to the festival

Before going away for the weekend I was able to put the final beads into the Victorian Tree.

Over what turned into a busy 'Railway Weekend' I was able to put a few stitches into my Tuscan Gardens UFO.

The replacement pin for Just Nan's Summer Wings Humbug also arrived. So here it is complete with pin.

This week it's back to White Nights progress pics on this one on Thursday.

Happy stitching

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Green Santa is finished...

... with the exception of a small bit of cording between the buttons and the blue bird's eye, only noticed this as I uploaded the picture. I have made a small start on the next figure.

I still have one more evening to go on this so I'm hoping for more progress tonight. Last weekend was spent away so there was little opportunity for stitching. However, I did make some progress on the Victorian Tree. Only the beading and the candles to do on this one.

Some questions have been asked in the comments to the last few posts. Here are the answers. The frame that White Nights is being done on is an Elbesee floor frame whose rollers will take fabric 36" wide. White Nights is 31" wide so the smaller 30"
frame would have been too small. The frame came from Sew and So and about this time last year (here)stopped White Nights becoming a UFO.

I would like to hang some Halloween ornaments on the light tree but I don't have any. Only two Just Nan WhimZis in their frames which might be too heavy. An excuse for dropping everything and remedying the situation?

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The new 'Happy Chair'

As mentioned in my last post, here is a photo of my new chair.

When I ordered this chair back in April I felt really stupid in the shop, checking out where the legs were and how wide it was. Why? Because the chair had to be narrower than my largest stitching frame and the legs had to be far enough back so that the frame could be pulled as close into the chair as possible. The lady in the shop probably thought I was mad. Anyway, it is the new 'happy chair'(term lifted from Spinster Stitcher's blog) The eagle eyed amongst you may notice some of the progress that has been made since it's arrival!

Last week on the rotation it was Just Nan week. After finishing Floral Fifteen I made a start on her Summer Wings Humbug. I chose this one rather than The Spring Frills Humbug as I thought it would be a faster stitch. It took just over a week of evenings to complete. Here it is before being 'finished'.

I stitched this on 28ct over dyed linen from DoveStitch, I've no idea what the colour is called. The next photo shows the humbug made up but without it's pin as mine had a crystal missing and has had to be sent back. A replacement is in the post.

This week on the rotation it's back to Witches Riding By.

For those of you who are into Halloween stitching check out some of the latest designs by Just Nan. Called 'Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill', this is my favourite!

Next week it's the return of the Green Santa to the rotation. He missed out last month with my being away on the field trip. Here's hoping he gets finished and I make big inroads in to the next one. For now it's back to the happy chair for me and
the first episode of season four of Ugly Betty which started last night.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Floral Fifteen is finished!

Here it is!

This is the other side.

I stitched Floral Fifteen using the recomended DMC floss on 28ct Zweigart Antique White and Mint Green Cashel linen. Each small square took just under an evening to stitch and the whole thing the best part of a day to put together. I enjoyed stitching this so much I'm tempted to start Merry Fifteen!

Over the weekend I stitched the August motif for the My Little Heart SAL. This time there was a choice of charts. I chose the sunflower.

I also managed to add some more stitches to Witches Riding By. I'm really pleased with how this one is turning out.

I'm off to choose a 'new start'. progress pictures next time and a photo of the new 'Happy Chair' as Spinster Stitcher would call it!