Monday, 27 June 2011

A quick update!

Shock horror almost three weeks since my last post!  however, on the stitching front things have been progressing.  After finishing the Three Tulips Humbug I started Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden, also by Just Nan. what with one thing and another I've had a couple of disturbed stitching weeks so I can't tell you how long it took to stitch. However, I can tell you that the finishing took an evening.  Here is the needle book before finishing.

Here it is made up and inside Lady Scarlet.

The back has a the same design but in a different colour.  Here it is.

Last week I went on a school trip to the University of Manchester. Whilst travelling to and from the event I began a DMC mini kit. I did a little bit more on it yesterday after wearing myself out tiding the garden, on probably the hottest day of the year so far.  The subject of this project?

At 'The Railway' this weekend I was able to put a few stitches into my Tuscan Gardens UFO. There really isn't that much to do on this one and with another 'Other Railway Weekend coming up I have high hopes that this will soon be finished.  This week it's the turn of White Nights. I did make some progress on this last week but not enough to show.  So to finish here is Tuscan Gardens.

Happy stitching!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

3 Violets Humbug is finished

This evening I finished 3 Violets by Just Nan.

This was stitched as charted using DMC floss. The fabric should have been 28ct Zweigart periwinkle prism, cashel linen. However, it soon became apparent when I started stitching that The Silver Needle had supplied me with 32ct instead of 28ct so the humbug is slightly smaller than it should be!

So what next?  I have kitted up another Just Nan project which I might start tonight but next week I might go back to White Nights. But then again I might not, as with one thing and another, I will only have two stitching evenings next week.  I might just have to finish my latest start!

Monday, 6 June 2011

All the threes...

So last week, half term here in the UK, there was a slight change of plan.  I went to my Mum and Dad's for a stitchy Bank Holiday Monday and took with me Witches Riding By. I got on quite well and decided to try and finish it during the week, rather than go back to White Nights.  Late on Tuesday it was mission accomplished. Here she is

This was stitched, as charted, with DMC floss on the recommended fabric, 36 count Sand  Edinburgh linen. I took the one over one option with the face and arms, a magnifier was needed for this bit!  As you may know I like to stitch on planes, trains and in the car, not with this project. The 36 count fabric was just too fine, in fact I don't want to stitch on such fine fabric in the future, if I can help it.  Having said that I started, and finished, a new project on Wednesday and what was it stitched on? 40 count gauze!

This was a Rainbow Butterfly Pin from Rosewood Manor. This is the stitched piece.

Here it is in it's mount.

So that you get a true idea of the finished size here it is with my stork scissors.

Next my third finish of the week!  This is Catgirl & Catboy from Jardin Privé. This was stitched on 32 count opalescent white linen.  I stitched this with one strand of Soir d'Alger 3446 instead of the suggested two strands of DMC 310. The other alteration I made was the noses of the cats. I used pink for the girl and blue for the boy. I also made a major error with this piece, but as it wasn't noticeable I left it in.  The two cats are four stitches closer to each other than on the chart, I can't count!

The next three is my latest start,  the 3 Violets Humbug from Just Nan. Most of this was stitched at 'The Other Railway'.  Here's the proof, taken in Bewdley North signal box on The Seven Valley Railway.

This is the progress so far