Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's finished!!

On Sunday afternoon I put the final stitches into White Nights!

At last, it has taken the best part of three years to complete this project.  Although the last stitch was put in on Sunday it has taken me three evenings add the crystals.  Here are some more shots.

The details, this was stitched on 32ct opalescent linen with a mixture of DMC, overdyed silk and Rainbow Gallery metallic threads, as recommended. Basically, the solid colour silks, NPIs, were substituted for their DMC equivalents. The beads and crystals were the recommended ones.

So what next?  Well, you know me, I have a number of other projects on the go, five at the last count, so I'm going to finish them off first and then have a fresh start in the New Year, well that's the plan.  Thanks for all your supporting comments with this project over the last three years they have been much appreciated.

Happy stitching!

Monday, 15 October 2012

White Nights Part 11 is finished!

Yesterday I finished part 11, complete with crystals. The crystals have still to be put on the rest of the piece but I will wait until all of the stitching is done.

I have also made a small start on one of the corners.

This is the project in its entirety, well at least as much as you can see!

I have had a few weekends away from home and have managed to finish Autumn from the Maggi Co's Village range by Jardin Privé. This was stitched on 32 count opalescent white linen with the recommended DMC floss.  The only alteration is that I stitched this with one strand of floss rather than two.

I have also made a start on winter.

I'm off to do some more on White Nights. The end is getting nearer!

Monday, 1 October 2012

The final countdown or roll up!

Yesterday I finished the border, mentioned in my last post, after another weeks worth of no stitching in the evening.  An early return from 'The Railway' meant, a last, that I could get some quality stitching time.

So the final few stitches were put in, the beads were stitched in place and then it was time for the final roll up.

The bottom part of this design has not seen daylight for over twelve months!  I was able to put a few stitches in to the border.  The end really is in sight now!