Monday, 22 November 2010

Disaster darling!

That's what Craig Revel Horwood from Strictly would say if he were to judge my stitching efforts last week!

So first up is 'Be Jolly By Golly'

Not much progress there then. A mitten and a bit of an arm.

The one success story of the week was that I did finish the November picture for Sylvia's 'My Little Heart SAL'.  This time I made some modifications to the chart to make it more suited to November in the UK. I kept the lady, stitching during the long November evenings, and added some fireworks for Bonfire Night, November 5, and some poppies for Remembrance Day.

As for The Railway's Green Book homework? I did do some, but not enough. Will try harder this week on both the Green Book and the stitching, as it's back to White Nights.  This is where I left it.

The reason for this disastrous week? See below!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas stitching

As soon as I had published my last stitchy post I asked The Other Half for his advice, now this doesn't happen very often!  Should it be the Mill Hill or the Waxing Moon? As anticipated his choice was the Mill Hill design. As anticipated because he doesn't like things with words or alphabets on! So I chose to do the Waxing Moon design 'Be Jolly By Golly'.

Next week on the rotation it should be the turn of the Santa tree skirt .  There's no way this will be finished in time for Christmas 2010 as I still have one and a half Santas to do, plus all the fancy couching, not looking forward to this bit either, as I've not done any couching before.  So I,m going to continue with Be Jolly By Golly and Festive Fifteen.  I'll leave you with a photo of my 'homework'. I really do have to get my nose stuck into this ready for a test in the New Year.  Wish me luck!

And finally my Shepherd's Bush Pumpkin Stew came back from the framers this week. It's been ready for ages but I'd not had a chance to collect it. Photo in the sidebar gallery.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Festive Fifteen is started

Last week my Christmas stitching began with Just Nan's Festive Fifteen. I managed to complete five of the squares but not all the beading.

 Here are some close  up pictures of the squares with beads.

This week I might start  another Christmas design from either Waxing Moon Designs or Mill Hill.  The Mill Hill will probably win as I'm looking for a reasonably quick finish as I've  lost one evenings stitching this week because of having to do stuff for work.  Then again I may change my mind! As they say in Stingray 'Anything can happen in the next half hour'!

Thanks for all your great comments. I really appreciate them!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The last halloween ornaments of 2010

Last week it was the half term holiday so no work for me, of the payed variety.  We did, however, decorate the kitchen and do one or two other bits and bobs around the house.  I was able to finish two more Halloween stockings from Blackbird Designs, Candy Corn and Haunted House.

I did take a picture of my light tree decorated for Halloween but it didn't come out too well for some reason.  Sticking with the Autumn theme I was also able start and finish the Just Nan Autumn Humbug ~ Autumn Glory.

I still have the Spring one of these to do but that won't be until next year now, as it's time to start the Christmas stitching!  This week it's Just Nan week on the rotation and I've started Festive Fifteen but there's not enough to show just yet.  Last week it was the Santa Tree Skirt.  I'm quite pleased with the progress I made on this although I'm not sure it will be finished for Christmas this year!