Monday, 4 May 2015

May Bank Holiday progress check

So three weeks ago I was debating which of my three remaining Drawn Thread projects I would start next. In the end Almost Halloween won. This was kitted up by my not so local LNS (The Nimble Thimble) and was stitched on 32 ct 'Tumbleweed' linen with the recommended DMC and hand dyed floss.

This project took me two days to stitch, remember I was on holiday at the time.  So this left me with another problem, what to stitch next?  After a bit of rooting around in the stash room I decided on 'M' Lady's Quadrielle' from The Sweetheart Tree'.

Rather fitting I thought as the new version of Thunderbirds was being shown on ITV.

And the original cast

Anyway back to the sewing. Just for fun I decided to photograph my daily progress on this project and put the pictures up on Facebook. Here they are, one photo for each day until the rotation finished.

One thing did become obvious as I stitched this and that was that no where near enough beads had been provided with this kit by the designer.  I calculated that I was about fifty, yes 50, beads short! These have since arrived from The Sweetheart Tree via The Nimble Thimble.

I finished stitching this on Saturday lunchtime as we were off out for the rest of the weekend. Sunday involved a very long train journey so on that I stitched 'Bless Ewe' from Shepherd's Bush. This is stitched on 18 ct Ivory linen with the recommended wool and over dyed floss and was a free chart that came with the button.

Again I framed this myself using a frame from Wilkos. Next time I will show you what I do with the mounted pieces.

The next week on the rotation was the turn of Lizzie*Kate.  I managed to finish Part One of' Very Scary' so the whole thing is now complete.

This was stitched on 30 ct 'Tin Roof' linen again using the recommended over dyed floss.

It turned out that May was a five week month so that gave me a 'free' week on the rotation.  Another trawl of stuff in the stash room was needed.  In the end  I went for this:

'The Finery of Nature' is a Dimensions Gold kit that is no longer available. It has been in my stash for nearly twenty years!  Anyway I've made a start. This picture is of a weeks worth of work (I'm not on holiday any more).  The back stitch and French knots are done, except the odd gold ones dotted around which I will probably replace with tiny gold beads. I'm not looking forward to doing the couching with the metallic thread provided so I might look for an alternative. Surly metallic floss technology has improved since this kit was put together?

I'm off to enjoy what is turning into a sunny Bank Holiday Monday and to start a new Just Nan project. 

Sorry could not resist as it is May 4.

Happy stitching!


Poppypatchwork said...

Lovely stitching, Love the nature kit, I hope you find a nice metallic thread to use.
As for Thunderbirds, I'm old enough to prefer the original.

Vickie said...

May the Fourth be with you!
Love Sweetheart Tree. That is wild, missing 50 beads!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy Star Wars Day! We're watching the movie marathon today.
Lovely stitching, the quadrille is gorgeous, shame about the beads though.
Your Hallowe'en stitching looks great too.

SuperMomNoCape said...

What great projects you've been working on and finishing. Your stitching is lovely!

I've recently started a weekly Stitchery Link Party and I'd do to have you come link up this post.