Sunday, 19 September 2010

A spooky stitching week

I did, eventually, finish Pumpkin Stew but not on Sunday evening as I had anticipated.  Instead it was Tuesday!  This was because I had a support evening for parents at school on Monday and the time I got home I didn't fancy doing any sewing.  This project was an early birthday present from my Mum and Dad.

This Shepherd's Bush design was stitched on16 count hickory heathfield, as suggested, with the recommended DMC Cotton Pearle #5.

After stitching on 16 count fabric for a week going back to Witches Riding By on 36 count linen was a bit of a shock.  Here is my progress on this so far.

This week the witch gained an owl, part of a broomstick and a little more sky. 

This weekend I made another attempt at rectifying my lack of Halloween ornaments to hang on my light tree.  This is 'Whooo's knockin' at my door?' and is from the chart booklet 'Tis Hallowe'en' by Blackbird designs.

This was stitched on  32ct lambswool, left over from Mary Wigham, using a mixture of the recommended overdyed floss and the DMC alternatives.  There are a number of other stockings in this booklet that I would like to stitch so this evening I'm going to choose one which involves a little less work!

Next week on the rotation it should be either  the Santa tree skirt or White Nights.  'The OtherHalf' has chosen White Nights so with another late night in school on Wednesday, this time for Open Evening, it will be interesting to see how far I get.

Hope you all have a good stitching week.  With a bit of luck, after this week, I should be able to return to my usual two posts a week.


Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations on finishing Pumpkin Stew. It is gorgeous as is your stocking. Lovely progress on your WIP.

Blu said...

Congrats on finishing Pumpkin Stew. I hadn't realized that the witch, ghost, and cat were buttons!
Witches Riding By is looking great.

Carolyn NC said...

Nice finishes and stitching!

Ingrid said...

Congratulations on finishing Pumpkin Stew. Beautiful stitching and I love most Witches Riding By ;) !

grannyanne said...

Great stitching as always. Looking forward to seeing your progress on White Nights.

Lisa said...

Your stitching is fabulous Jen. I'm totally loving the Pumpkin Stew, it's now on my wish list :-)

marylin & poussy said...

oh I love your embroiderings they are marvellous, you have a lot of talent,
best regards marylin

Barb said...

Great job on your finishes. Pumpkin Stew is stunning.

Justflo said...

Lovely finishes. Halloween seems to be all steam ahead at the moment. Looking forward to seeing your White Nights

Happy stitching to you