Monday, 4 April 2011

Minerva's Mouse

Last week I continued to stitch on White Nights. I only managed two evenings stitching and was quite pleased that I almost managed to finish another tower.  So yesterday after returning from a 'Railway Weekend' I thought I would only have to do about ten stitches before the tower was completed.  Well that's what thought did. On closer inspection I had missed a row of stitches and had to frog all of last week's efforts.  I did, however, manage to restitch the whole tower last night.

As the last few weekends have been Railway weekends I have done some work on my Tuscan Garden UFO.

 Having re stitched the tower last night I made a start on Minerva's Mouse from Just Nan.  This was a really quick stitch. Here she is before finishing.

Here is the finished mouse.

And the mouse with the Minerva.

 I'm off to stitch Witches Riding By.  Progress pictures next time.

Happy stitching


Blu said...

Lovely progress on White Nights and Tuscan Garden.

That mouse is so adorable!

Justflo said...

Glad you sorted out 'White Nights'. I'd have been sobbing into my hankie if that had been me!!

Your UFO is coming along well.

Love Minerva's Mouse.

Good luck with 'Witches'

grannyanne said...

Love the mouse. Did you know the owl is associated with Minerva(Athene) goddesss of wisdom? A good choice of name by Just Nan. Happy stitching.

Siobhan said...

Lovely stitching! That mouse is too cute.

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome progress and finishes - love that mouse and SP - WN!

Aussie Stitcher said...

The mouse is so cute.

mbroider said...

I love your stiching, it is so neat!!

StitchinKat said...

I love the mousie! I have been hunting for the mouse pattern for a long time...have the owl trinket box, but can't find little Minerva! Are you likely to want to sell your pattern now that it's been stitched? I would completely understand if you don't! I wish this one would get re-printed like the gingerbread mouse!