Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pink Snowman disaster!

A couple of weekends ago, whilst away from home, I made a start on the Pink Snowman from Shepherd's Bush. There was quite a lot going on that weekend; what with my Dad's birthday and going for meetings at our wedding and reception venues. So, unfortunately, I was not able to complete this project in a weekend. I say unfortunately, because if I had, the following disaster might not have happened.  I put the snowman project on hold for the week and instead stitched White Nights in evenings. 

Last weekend I stayed at my fiance's so on the Thursday evening I packed my weekend stitching, the Pink Snowman and some smaller projects. On the train journey to his I did some stitching on one of the smaller projects. Before leaving the train I packed all my stuff away and checked I had left nothing behind, or so I thought.  The next morning I got the Pink Snowman out to stitch him but there was no chart and no floss, I did have the clay buttons.  A frantic search of his house followed and on Sunday one at my house in case I hadn't packed the chart in the first place, but no, the chart and the floss have gone. I must have left them on the train!  This is as far as I got.

So I am now waiting for a replacement kit to arrive!

White Nights has now been put away for December. The middle tower is finished except for the backstitching, beading and the one over one section at the base of the tower.

White Nights has been put on hold for December because, as promised, St Nicholas Tree Skirt, now officially a UFO has been taken out. This isn't quite where I left it at the start of the year as I managed to do a little stitching last night.

The next train journey is planned for a fortnight's time and I will be triple checking that I have not left anything behind!

Happy stitching!


valerie said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear you lost your supplies on the train! Your progress looks great though. I really love your progress posts of White Nights! It's stunning!

Mel said...

awh that's a shame that you lost the supplies for your snowman. At least you didn't loose the stitching too?

I just love that White Nights. it's got so much great detail in it. Sad it's not back until 2012.

CindyMae said...

Oh no, that is not good to loose the chart and thread but at least you have a replacement on the way! Your stitching progress on everything looks amazing!!

grannyanne said...

Great stitching. Best of luck with the tree skirt.

Anonymous said...

o wow! glad you could get a replacement kit!
Your White Knights is gorgeous!! all your work is!

Brigitte said...

Oh no, that's not funny at all. I hope that the replacement kit will arrive real soon so that you can continue stitching this beautiful snowman.

Erika Morris-Sage said...

Love this tree skirt! Do you still have this pattern?