Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spring Frills is finished!

The Easter weekend was a railway weekend with a differnce. Good Friday was spent at the Seven Valley Railway, to be known from now on as 'The Other Railway' where the new BF is a signalman.  Saturday and Easter Sunday were spent at 'The Railway' which is actually the Llangollen Railway in North Wales. The BF went back to ' The Other Railway' on Easter Monday whilst I went to my mum's.  So over the weekend I was able to do quite a bit of stitching, finishing Just Nan's Spring Frills humbug. Here it is before it was 'finished'.

Here is the humbug made up.

This week I have continued stitching Trick or Treat from Shepherd's Bush.

I'm hoping to finish this over the Royal Wedding weekend and hopefully make another new start, fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Holiday Stitching

On Friday 1 April we broke up for the school's 'Easter Holiday', more appropriately renamed the 'Spring Holiday' as we have gone back to school before Easter has happened.

Time was spent between home, my BF's home, 'The Railway' and our holiday destination. Anyway, good excuse to start something new!  Although at 'The Railway' my Tuscan Gardens UFO did get some work done on it.

The first, yes first, new start was Just Nan's Spring Frills Humbug.

Now because this involves quite a few floss colours it was not suitable for taking abroad, well that's my excuse, so my holiday stitching was Trick or Treat from Shepherd's Bush.  The holiday consisted of flying to Munich and staying there for two nights then travelling by JetRail to Budapest for a three night stay before flying back home.  Although I had my stitching with me I didn't do any on the flight out. The first opportunity I had was on the train journey between Munich and Budapest, which lasted seven hours.  But disaster, so so it seemed, I had forgotten to pack a hoop!  Luckily Trick or Treat is stitched on Permin linen, which, if anyone has used it, is like stitching on cardboard so I was able to stitch 'in hand', not my favourite method. Anyway the results don't look too bad.

Here are a few photos from the holiday. Firstly Marienplatz in Munich followed by the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest and the view from Budapest's Citadel.

I hope everyone has a great Easter break.  I'm off to try and finish my two new starts!

Happy stitching!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Minerva's Mouse

Last week I continued to stitch on White Nights. I only managed two evenings stitching and was quite pleased that I almost managed to finish another tower.  So yesterday after returning from a 'Railway Weekend' I thought I would only have to do about ten stitches before the tower was completed.  Well that's what thought did. On closer inspection I had missed a row of stitches and had to frog all of last week's efforts.  I did, however, manage to restitch the whole tower last night.

As the last few weekends have been Railway weekends I have done some work on my Tuscan Garden UFO.

 Having re stitched the tower last night I made a start on Minerva's Mouse from Just Nan.  This was a really quick stitch. Here she is before finishing.

Here is the finished mouse.

And the mouse with the Minerva.

 I'm off to stitch Witches Riding By.  Progress pictures next time.

Happy stitching