Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Last Friday morning I packed up the car and drove across the Pennines, from Lancashire to Yorkshire, to my husband's house.  The first thing to be unpacked was White Nights.  On Friday afternoon, before I had unpacked anything else, I completed a substantial part of the boarder, the right hand upper pointy bit on the next photo.

We had visitors at the weekend so not much got done.  First thing on Monday morning it was time for a roll up on the frame.  These are photos of my progress before that happened.

I stitched on Monday and today (Tuesday), alongside doing other stuff around the house and in the garden, more of that later.  I am really pleased with my progress over the two days.

Both parts of the border are finished.

Mind you with a stitching view like this

and a nice patio area where I can sit and stitch,

I'm not surprised I'm making good progress.  Mind you the patio yesterday morning was not quite so nice.  Most of the flower beds were full of the plant in the top corner so after a trip to ASDA, for some tools, B&Q for some plants, two and a half hours of digging out and twenty minutes replanting, the above was the result!

I'm hoping that this good weather we are having, at last, holds out so I can spend many more hours outside stitching away!


grannyanne said...

Fantastic progress with the stitching. Your patio area looks great. Many congrats.

mdgtjulie said...

I hope the good weather lasts there too. I love to sit out on the balcony and stitch. It's wonderful. I go out late at night, when it's nice and cool and breezy. About ten o'clock or so. And sometimes I stay out till two or three in the am. It's wonderful out there!! White Knights looks great too. I can't wait to see more. And the flowers you planted are pretty. I hope they grow well for you. Of course, now you have to go out and water every day, which takes time away from stitching, lol. And I'm glad you're reunited with your hubby. I bet that feels good! (I hate to move though. Ugh!!)

Julie said...

Like how you got your priorities right.Unpack the stitching first. :)

St Petersburg looks fabulous,so colourful and blingy.

Did you put the fancy stitches in or is it in the pattern.

Chris said...

Beautiful view and great progress.

Maureen said...

Your white nights looks fab and what a great view to go with it though..

Brigitte said...

That seems to be the ideal place for stitching. Nice progress.

Justflo said...

Lovely stitching Jen and great progress on White Nights.

The patio's looking good I bet you both sit out and have pleasant tipple in the evenings.

Enjoy your Summer :)