Sunday, 3 November 2013

I'm still here, honest!

OK, so two months since my last post, not good.  I did have lots of good intentions, new school year, post every week.  But along with the new school year came a new job and it's taken up more time than anticipated.  Stitching in the evening has become a thing of the past and the weekends are my only opportunity to get anything done.  Time spent blogging is less time stitching so this blog has been neglected.  However, you'll be glad to know the stitching hasn't!

Last time I posted it was The Drawn Thread coming up next on the rotation. I did manage to make some progress on The Cat's Meow but not as much as I'd hoped as there was some frogging to do.

The noses on the mice are black beads, I think the ones I have used are too big and need replacing with smaller ones.  I have not stitched on this project since the beginning of September.

I have been having fun with some Just Nan ornaments.  Firstly Oakley Owlet

This was stitched on the recommended 32ct Stone Grey Belfast linen with DMC floss.  Here he is made up, sitting on a wine cork so you can see how big he is.

Secondly, Gingerbread Jingle Mouse

This was stitched on the recommended 32ct Antique Almond Belfast linen with DMC floss. Here he/she is finished.

Another Just Nan finish was Christmas Cheer

Again this was stitched on the recommended fabric, 32ct  Zweigart Summer Winds Opalescent Belfast Linen and stitched with DMC floss.  The frame is the one designed for this project.

I also continued stitching the Halloween ornaments from JBW designs and finished them in small frames from Framecraft.

And finally, some Christmas stitching, Poor Robin from Shepherd's Bush.

I'm not quite sure how I will be finishing this one off.

Next week on the rotation it's back to Halloween stitching.  Will I finish the remaining six Halloween ornaments from JBW Designs, who knows!

Anyway I hope it was worth the wait.

Happy Stitching!


Vickie said...

Wonderful! Christmas Cheer and the frame are my favorite.

Zeb said...

SQUEE! JUST NAN! You must have read my mind XD

Love them all, and it's good to see the owl and mouse stitched up. Need to get the fabric for owl, and come the 15th I'll be ordering Jingle :)

Chris said...

What gorgeous stitching and finishes! So nice to see an update. I hope that you find more time in your schedule :)

Bekca said...

The Just Nan ornaments are stunning. Glad to hear you've still been enjoying your stitching, I hope everything calms down for you soon :)
Best wishes.

Justflo said...

So glad to see you're back blogging. Great finishes. Beautiful stitching as always.

Looking forward to your next post already. Anticipation.........
X X Flo

ricketyjo said...

You've been busy, what wonderful stitching! The owl and the mouse are so cute, I think they are my favourites :)

Miss Lilly said...

Beautiful stitching! Christmas Cheer is very pretty :)

Brigitte said...

Oh my, so much eye candy! Your projects are wonderful!

Mii Stitch said...

WOW!!! I LOVE the little owl & mouse!!! Never seen anything like this!! :) So so cute, very well done x