Sunday, 22 March 2015

Later than originally intended

We have had a few busy weekends here at 'Chez Speedy Stitcher' so this post is later than originally intended.

Last time I blogged it was the turn of Lizzie*Kate on the rotation and the Halloween stitching was being replaced by something more seasonal.  I managed two finishes that week and the recently de mothballed sewing machine saw a bit more action.

Firstly Paddy O'Hare, a limited edition kit from ages ago.  This came with the fabric, 30ct Willow Green hand dyed linen, and I stitched with a mixture of the recommended DMC, Anchor and overdyed floss. Here he is standing about nine inches high.

The cording was shop bought and glued in place using Beacon Fabri-Tac. I'm not the best at doing fancy bows so I got some help from Paper Guru

The second Lizzie*Kate finish was Song of Spring, another limited edition kit, from last year (I think). This came as a complete kit and was stitched on the 32ct lambswool linen provided with a mixture Weeks Dye Works and DMC floss. The scissor fob was stitched on 28ct natural linen (not included).

As the sewing machine was out I finished this JBW Design project from a few years ago.  I am still on the lookout for some decent ribbon to make a different bow.

The following week on the rotation it was back to Hoppington Hill by Just Nan.  I finished another square and made a start on the fifth one.

After Just Nan it was the turn of Shepherd's Bush, I had already made a start on this one, the Wisteria Snowman, which was probably just as well as no progress was made until Wednesday or Thursday evening.

Stitching the snowman was interrupted by an early Easter present from my mum.  Coming in at 2" x 2" Get Eggs, also by Shepherd's Bush, was an enjoyable quick stitch.  This came as a kit and is stitched on 32ct Baby Lotion linen with a mixture of Weeks Dye Works and DMC floss.

Last week the rotation had come back round to The Drawn Thread.  I stitched the Halloween Jumble, not very seasonal, but there is no spring stitching left in the stash.  This was stitched on the recommended 32ct Dirty Belfast linen with the recommended NPI silk. As with the other Jumbles I made this into a bell pull.

So I finish where I came in with Lizzie*Kate week on the rotation and it's back to their Halloween Mystery Very Scary, as I have no more Lizzie*Kate stuff left in the stash!

That's all for now.

I almost forgot.  This month's TUSAL photo.

Happy stitching!


Blu said...

So many lovely finishes! They all look amazing.

Kate said...

Beautiful finishes, Jen, they're all so lovely!

Barb said...

They are all so cute! Your needle must have been smoking. Great job on all of them.

Vickie said...

Very sweet! Feels so good to get so many completely finished.

Barbi said...

OH my Gosh! So many great finishes.

Weronika said...

Lovely finishes!I love Paddy O'Hare! He is so cute and the fabric has got such a wonderful shade of green!

Deb said...

Marvelous work!