Thursday, 7 May 2009

Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu

Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu
Well at last I managed it. The Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu, which at times had UFO potential, is finished.
This week it's the June Calendar on the rotation but there's not much progress on that one as Monday evening, being a Bank Holiday, was classed as a 'Railway Weekend Sunday' so I stitched on the UFO for my UFO blog (see top of sidebar for details). On Tuesday I finished the biscornu, just because I had to get it out of the way. Hopefully there will be more progress to report in the next post but with another 'Railway Weekend' coming up who knows?


Mel said...

It looks just lovely Jen! :)
I like how you photographed it with the mirror!

Flo said...

It looks very pretty Jen. Your bowl must be filling up nicely.

Yoyo said...

I'm so glad this one didn't hit the UFO bin, it's just too pretty for that. Great job Jen!!

dianemi said...

Jen, your biscornu is just stunning and your stitches are beautiful!! Love how you photographed it on the mirror, too!