Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Steam and Stitching

As I had hoped I managed a couple of 'finishes' this weekend. I finished the sewing on the Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu, and the pin-cube for Stitch-Creations' SAL all I have to do is put them together, hence the inverted commas. These are the sides of the pin-cube.

pin-cube SAL
As mentioned in the last post we were off to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) for the weekend, not for a bank holiday break but to work! We had volunteered to help out a friend who owns a couple of carriages, one of which contains a small bar and the other a kitchen from which tea, coffee and cake can be served. I ended up manning the bar car which for various reasons, too long to go in to, wasn't very busy. So when not serving or collecting the First Class Supplement payable to travel in the carriage I was able to stitch. Here are two photos showing the interior of the carriage and, I'm sure you'll agree, I spent the weekend stitching in what can only be called splendid surroundings!

The Rydale Bar

The Rydale Bar

The Rydale Bar - Saloon The Rydale Bar - Saloon

And this is what I managed to do

Dutch Delft Biscornu


Flo said...

Glad you had a good weekend both enjoyment wise and stitching. I like the Delpht inspired one, it's different.
You've got some good photos there. The carriages look magnificent. Luxury sewing indeed- no wonder you got so inspired with your needle.

Cindy F. said...

Wow! Beautiful carriages! and great places to stitch!
Such pretty progress on your wips:)

Mel said...

Looks like a lovely trip. and some nice stitching progress.

Tammy said...

Nice progress!

Yoyo said...

What a fun weekend that sounds like. Great stitchy progress during the trip. I still have to stitch the last block for my cube, I fell behind in everything in April!