Monday, 17 August 2009

No more starts as things are getting out of hand!

So on the rotation should be the Pale Blue Santa and I fully intend to do him in the evenings, or after three o'clock in the afternoon. So that gives me the mornings to get some things finished. The plan is to finish three things this week.


The September Calendar from Mill Hill, started last Friday.

September Calendar
Secondly, the Knotted Garden Biscornu by Polstitches Designs to go in my Bowl of Biscornu for August.

Thirdly, 'The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady' poppy card (cover kit from WOXS).

And finally Boo from Just Nan. OK so that's four things!

Anyway, this is where I'm at with the last three smaller projects.

On an update front. Sunday is Mary Wigham day and this is what she looks like so far.

Mary Wigham
And finally, here is Midnight Ride finished.

Midnight Ride
Whilst on holiday the rest of my family suffered from insect bites. Now usually I'm a magnet for insects of the biting variety. But not this time. Until, that is, we arrived back in the UK. Where, within the space of about an hour, I got bitten SIX times! The worst were on the ring finger and little finger of my right hand and on my right forearm. My ring finger became so swollen I could not get the rings off. My arm well, see for yourself. The two bites on my arm caused a hot, swollen area about FIVE INCHES in diameter, I'm not kidding. They are still weeping, and itching five days latter!

As they say on the news, 'Some viewers may find the following pictures disturbing'. If anyone knows of a cure/treatment for chronic bites then please leave a comment as this is beyond a joke.

Happy sitiching!


grannyanne said...

Love the witch. What a pity it is probably impossible to see it glowing in the dark. Your little projects look interesting. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the blue santa. Those bites look really nasty. Sorry I have no idea how to stop them itching apart from taking an anti-histamine tablet.

Colleen said...

Those are nasty bites!! I'm like you...a magnet for bugs that bite, especially mosquitoes!! I sat on our back deck the other day with a book and intended to relax and read for a while and enjoy the beautiful weather. Well, I wasn't out there 10 minutes and I had been bitten by mosquitoes in 4 different places on my legs!!! So much for fresh air! I have an excellent creme that I put on the itch. It's Walmart generic max strength anti-itch cream with diphenhydramine hydrochloride 2%. Also, I've heard wet chewing tobacco placed on the itch will draw it out.

Mel said...

Ohh... bites are never fun. I hope they heal up well.
I love midnight ride. She looks great! And lovely progress on all your other WIP. :)

Carolyn NC said...

Good grief - you look allergic to the bites! Hope they heal up quickly. Great stitching!

Sea said...

try Neem cream, with a smidgen of turmeric in it. The Neem people do make a bug repellant. (You might not want to mix turmeric in due to it's colouring tendancy)
And I did find you after reading WOXS.

Dizzy Little Kingdom said...

Hello Jen, I've just joined the UFO blogging group and was checking out your blog when I saw your horrible bites. To draw out the venom, make a paste of baking soda and water. Smear it on and cover with bandaids. The baking soda will "pull" the venom out of the bite. Rinse and repeat as often as you can (the baking soda mix should look discolored when it's pulled the venom out). We have spiders and mosquitos that produce the same awful reaction here in the mountains. I hope this home remedy works for you.

Dee Pavay
Dizzy Little Kingdom