Monday, 24 August 2009

Two down two to go!

I managed to complete two out of the four projects mentioned last week. Firstly, the September Calendar.

September Calendar
Secondly, the poppy card.

I'm not convinced about the frame but it's the only one I had.

As of today the Knotted Garden Biscornu looks like this.

Knotted Garden
I was pleased with the progress made on the Pale Blue Santa. All he needs is a head and a lot of backstitch!

The Pale Blue Santa
Yesterday I managed to complete two more motifs on Mary Wigham. I have recharted some more of the medallions to make them symmetrical. I will post them next time. As I stitched I also noticed some errors on my recharted version which I will also go back and correct.

 Mary Wigham
I've enjoyed reading the comments on the TUSAL post. Heaven knows what I will do next time.


Sea said...

I love the pale blue santa. Love seeing santa in other colours.

Mel said...

Lovely finishes! You have been busy! And great WIPS.

Carolyn NC said...

Jen, you are truly stitching up a storm! It all looks lovely. Finishes are so pretty and your WIP's look great!

dianemi said...

Congratulations Jen! Your needles are smoking and everything is so pretty.

I saw your question about White Nights on my blog. I used a System 4 Needlework stand and 30" scroll rods. I had to fold the fabric in about an inch on each side (St. Pete's a big boy!) :) I also used quilt batting because I bead as I go and didn't want to crush them, plus it helps keep everything a 'little' more snug. When I got to the outer edges of the fabric it was hard to keep the fabric scrolled tightly, but it worked out OK and it was soooo worth it when I was done. St Pete is simply drop-dead gorgeous and I loved stitching it. HTH and if you have any other questions, feel free to email me. ((hugs))) di

grannyanne said...

As usual you are racing along. I particularly like the poppy. Blue santa is coming on now. Looking forward to seeing your next White Nights.

Flo said...

Glad to see the Blue Santa- I go into a decline at the lack of Christmas pics- so pleased to see him back out in the open. Like your other finishes . Do you keeo putting your needle in iced water to cool it down????