Thursday, 1 October 2009

Janlynn's Dolly Mamas Contest

A few years ago, whilst flicking through some cross stitch magazines my Mum and me came across these.

They are from the Dolly Mamas range from Janlynn. We thought they were quite amusing. There are now over fifty cross stitch kits in the series. The sayings like 'Go pulls the wrinkles out of your face!' are called Dollyisms. Now Janlynn have launched a contest where you can submit your own Dollyism. There is over $1400 in prize money with the grand prize being $1000. The winner also has their Dollyism made into a kit by the Dolly Mama's designer, Joey. In this Youtube video she explains what the contest is about.

To find more information about the contest and how to enter go to

My best attempt so far 'When did the bags under my eyes become suitcases?' Mmm, might need to do a little more work on this one!

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