Monday, 30 November 2009

Cornflower Biscornu

November's Biscornu is the Cornflower Biscornu by Faby Reilly, or it would be if I had managed to finish it.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that whilst poppies are the flower of remembrance here in the UK cornflowers are the flowers of remembrance in France. Since I started following the Basket Of Biscornu SAL I knew that I wanted to do something with a remembrance theme for November, poppies on one side, cornflowers on the other maybe. I had a suitable poppy chart but not a cornflower one, so the hunt began. I searched and I searched, in the end I gave up and decided to do Faby's Poppy Biscornu for November.

Then I got an email from my Mum and attached was the chart for the Cornflower Biscornu, one of Faby's bespoke charts, it is done in the same style as the poppy biscornu so as to make a pair. I understand that this chart will be appearing in her catalogue in the future.

Having stitched 'Bluet' the French for cornflower in one over one, I take my hat of to those of you who do this on a regular basis, it's not for me. I under estimated how long the one over one would take which is why it is not finished.

Yesterday I took a break from doing the biscornu and made this

It's the WhimZi Feather Tree from Just Nan. The chart is a freebie here. I added some Krienik blending filament to the snowflakes to give them that extra sparkle!

So this week I intend to spend an hour each evening on the biscornu and the rest of the time on the Pale Blue Santa. I'm off to rescue him from the stash room as I've forgotten what he looks like!


Sea said...

You do seem to stitch really quickly
I have a pack of yule decorations, but I shouldn't think I will finish them in time for Yule...perhaps they should be a january project

Blu said...

The JN tree is cute. But those cornflowers are just gorgeous.
The highest count I can stitch over one is 28, but even that I can't do for too long. I usually switch over to something that's 16 count for a few hours, and then switch back for a few, and so on.
Every time I swear that it'll be my last over one, but I'm a bit addicted to how delicate it looks...

Mel said...

Fantastic stitching! And thanks for the link to the freebies. I am going to download them now. Too cute!

Lisa said...

The Cornflower biscornu is lovely, really nice designs & I love the way you take time out to whip up something else... a truely speedy stitcher.

grannyanne said...

Love your Christmas ornament. Stick at the one over one it is really effective when finished. Looking forward to seeing the Santas.

stitchinfiend said...

The cornflower biscornu is just stunning - well done on the over 1 stitching. Love the Poppy one too and thanks for the link to these beautiful designs as I haven't seen them before. Also love the Chrissy ornament too.

Justflo said...

The biscornus are beautiful. I take my hat of to you for doing one over one. I know it'll look god when it's completed.
Your Chrissy decoration is nice, I'm now going to look at Just Nan.
Happy stitching to you.

Carolyn NC said...

Both biscornus are so pretty! New ornie is adorable - have fun!