Thursday, 12 November 2009

O Christmas Tree!

Here is a picture of the December calendar so far.

December Calendar
The actual colour of the fabric is burgundy/red wine. The Christmas Tree is done in a very shiny, silky green ribbon which, unlike the Kreinik metallic ribbons, is a joy to stitch. With a bit of luck I might get it finished early next week.

This weekend it is 'back to school' for me. Now, I know I go to school five days a week, but this time the tables are being turned and I will be the pupil. I have decided to learn a new skill at 'The Railway' and begin signaling training on Saturday. Four hours in the classroom; I really will be experiencing things from the other side! They do say, however, that teachers make the worst pupils, probably because they know every disruptive behaviour in the book!

Talking of school. Today we had a visiting author, of the famous variety. When I shook his hand it was almost pulverised, and it was the one I stitch with! This was a very hush, hush visit with no publicity. When you see the next picture you might understand why.


grannyanne said...

Love the Christmas tree it makes me want to start on Christmassy stitching too. But no I must finish Inspirations first. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Blu said...

Wow that tree looks shiny! And I love the fabric.

Justflo said...

The Christmas tree looks lovely. You really are one for meeting with the 'celebs' (I seem to remember Pete Waterman). With regards to Signalling I wish you good luck and I hope you remember to pull the correct levers or else I may have a train down my road and I haven't even got tracks!
Happy stitching to you.

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome visit. Love the Calendar so far - great stitching!