Monday, 11 January 2010

Another finish!

I'm pleased to report another finish. The final stitch was put into Icy Hill on Saturday afternoon. However, the camera is still not back so here is yet another really bad phone photo.

This would not have been a finish last week if were not for the fact that school was closed, three extra stitching days was a bonus!

I stuck to my New Year plans and also stitched my Timeless Elegance Christmas decoration on Saturday. I had done quite a bit when I realised that I had made a major counting error. Despite best efforts at fixing it I ended frogging the whole of the dark blue border, some of which was done before Christmas, this almost hit the UFO pile I can tell you.

I'm putting this down to the frogs that normally live in my pond being homeless as a result of the two to three inches of ice that are on its surface. Anyway I managed to stitch to beyond where the frogs arrived.

Sunday really was a blue day. I did a bit on Mary Wigham, finishing two complete motifs. By this time I was fed up with her so went back to the Christmas decoration. I then got fed up of stitching in blue so started another ornament. I have worked out that Mary Wigham should take about nine more days to complete and then I am left with the problem of what to do with her. I do not want to get her framed as this will be very expensive as a result of the size. I might have enough fabric to handkerchief hem it. Those of you who have followed my progress on Mary from the start will remember that I made a massive error with the positioning. But then what do I do? Any ideas?

This is a photo of progress to date. Heaven only knows why it has come out yellow!

This week it is White Nights, a slight alteration to the original plan, as this weekend coming is not a Railway Weekend, meaning that I am at home on Friday so I get five evenings stitching, not four.

Fingers crossed the camera gets returned this week as I have made this purchase I would like to show you, it should arrive tomorrow. The Other Half thinks I'm mad but I think my Just Nan Humbugs, when I stitch them, will look great displayed on this.

Here's hoping the frogs stay away from all of us!


Mel said...

Wow Jen! Look at you go.
Love the snowmen.
And great progress on all the others.

Julie said...

I think Icy Hill looks great!

And I love the frog at the end. Wherever did you find it???

Carolyn NC said...

Great stitching and congrats on the finish!

Lisa said...

Some lovely stitching there Jen & Icy Hill is just gorgeous, I really like it. Have you finished it as a wall hanging?

Not quite sure about the finishing of your Mary Wigham.. will give it some thought.

Blu said...

Icy Hill looks great!
Maybe you could make Mary into a wall hanging? Like the way people do with quilts?

grannyanne said...

Love your stitching as always. Loking forward to seeing your mystery purchase. MW certainly looks a little jaundiced, hope ypour camers is back soon.