Sunday, 24 January 2010

Simply Spring ~ finished

Last week I stitched on Simply Spring by Waxing Moon Designs. I thought that I would be able to finish it on Thursday evening, in time to post before the weekend. But despite stitching all evening the last little bit, which took about an hour, defeated me. I finished it on Friday in the car on the way to 'The Railway'.

Simply Spring
Over Friday and Saturday I was able to work, on and off, on the Timeless Elegance ornaments.

The cross stitching on the blue ornament is complete. There are beads and metallic ribbon to put on but I'm going to leave that until all the ornaments are done. On Friday evening, at 'The Railway' I realised that I had made an error in the WIP stitching packing for the weekend, if that makes sense. I had left Mary Wigham at home, just the work, I had packed the floss and charts, tragic! So instead I was able to progress my handbag project a little more. This is a Filagree Fancies kit from Just Nan called Curious Cats.

Curious Cats
There is probably an hours work left in this but when I got home I was good, I didn't finish it, very tempting though it was, I stitched on Mary instead.

This week I have indulged in some stash enhancement which I will try and show you next time. But for now it's back to Mary, with maybe a little bit more on the cats before bedtime!


Carolyn NC said...

Ornaments look great - love Spring and your cats. Looking forward to seeing WM!

stitchinfiend said...

Love the blue ornament it is so unusual, Your needles have been smokin.

grannyanne said...

Love the ornaments and I expect the cats are finished now. Looking forward to hearing about your stash enhancement.

Justflo said...

Wow those needles of yours just haven't slowed at all. They must be 'smokin'.
The ornaments are lovely and the 'Curious Cats' looks good. probably already finished and on display!

Looking forward to seeing MW. It must be getting close to finish now.
Happy stitching to you.

Sandra's Sewing Room said...

I just love all your cross stitching projects; especially the one's representing each month and then the season's!

Lisa said...

Lots of pictures Jen. Spring is looking lovely & I really can't wait for Spring to actually arrive here. The ornaments are coming along nicely & I really like the cats. Look forward to seeing them finished.

Karin said...

Great progress! I love the ornaments.