Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lift off!

Today, when I wrote the date on the board at school, it looked like this

3 - 2 - 10

This week has seen the lift off of two new projects! OK I had only intended one new start and that was this:

Barnabee's Quest
This is Barnabee's Quest from Just Nan. I am starting from the bottom of Part 3. Unfortunately last night there was a minor accident with a glass of red wine and the whole thing had to be soaked for a very long time. Not all of the stain is out but I think I will be OK as the stain was near to the edge which will be hidden when I finish this as a bell pull.

So whilst this was soaking, and to stop me going to check how well the stain removal was going every two minutes I started this.

Hootzi Humbug
This is Hootzi Humbug also by Just Nan and will be the first ornament on my light tree (here) I mentioned in the post about the light tree, that there might be some more of the story to follow. Well I can now reveal that, through no fault of my own and at no extra cost, I actually have two of them!


grannyanne said...

I hope you do not have any more spillages that would be a disaster. Looking forward to seeing these come on. I rather like the humbugs they are a bit different.

Lisa said...

OH NO red wine.... not good but impressed at your stain removal. Hope you managed to keep calm when dealing, I'd have been a wreck!

Blu said...

Glad the stain removal worked out.
And what's this story about the two trees? And why hasn't it been blogged about???

stitchinfiend said...

Glad you were able to get most of the stain out. It looks lovely.

Justflo said...

Oooops about the red wine (you'll have to have white). Glad to see it's come out OK. I've still to have a look at Hootzi Humbug Looking forward to pics of it hanging on your light tree.

Happy stitching to you.