Thursday, 8 July 2010

Five more finished and a WIP

This week it was back to Just Nan's Floral Fifteen. After three evenings stitching I've managed to complete five more squares and am part way through the sixth.

On both Monday and Tuesday evenings I managed to complete two squares but last night only one and a bit. With luck I should be able to finish square six and seven this evening, then next time there will be three more to do and then the finishing off. So this could be the next finish.

As to what I should stitch next week on the rotation I'm still deciding. I only have four clear evenings next week so White Nights is probably out. Really, I should be stitching Witches Riding By but the following week I'm on a residential field trip with my sixth from biologists in North Wales so I might take that project with me. Then again, that week it would be a good excuse to take something else with me, something smaller or with less floss colours. Of course I don't have any WIPs that would fit this description so I may need to start something new!

Hope everyone has a great stitching weekend and that you too have some nice stitchy decisions to make!


Justflo said...

Great progress on you Floral Fifteen. The colours are lovely. I take it that it's decisions, decisions for you. I'm sure you'll pick something suitable for your 'Field Trip'. Enjoy choosing.

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely work!

Lisa said...

Lovely stitching Jen... the Just Nan's are always so pretty.

grannyanne said...

Lovely stitching as always. The colours are great.