Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Houses and history!

The houses are back! In the end I decided to stitch White Nights this week. This is progress after one evening.

Unfortunately I had to frog the first fifteen minutes or so of stitching, the wall to right of the door and the side wall up to the roof, as I stitched it in the wrong colour! When I realised what I'd done I was sorely tempted to put this project away for another week or so and start something new, especially as I have been enhancing my stash recently.

Enhancements featured are, Summer Wings Humbug, Pretty Winder Pocket and Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball from Just Nan, all six Festival of Trees ornaments from Mill Hill, ABC Halloween from Lizzie*Kate. The Silver Needle Night Crabbiest Castle on the Beach was a gift from my Mum. No decisions have been made yet as to which will be the first to be stitched.

And now for the history.

At school, the timetable for next year has been done on a computer. For the last few years it has been done using a combination of computer and peg board, and prior to computers, manually using the peg board alone. The peg board measures about 8' wide by 4' high.

Every member of staff has pegs with their initials on, enough pegs for all the lessons they teach, so at the moment I have 31 pegs. Each room has a peg with it's number on it. We have over 64 rooms and there are enough room pegs for each lesson, of which we have 49 in a fortnight, so that's over 3136 room pegs alone! Then there are pegs for each subject, year group and so on. Thousands of pegs!

What if the board fell off the wall and all the pegs got scattered? Nightmare! A previous timetabler used to take photographs of the timetable whilst it was under construction just in case. Anyway the peg board has stopped being used and is, in the next few days, going in the skip. The member of staff who does the timetable asked me if I would like my pegs. I took one peg with my initials on it, one with my teaching room number on it and a B and an S peg for the subjects I teach, biology and science. Here they are with a DMC floss band so you can get an idea of their size.

It was strange taking my pegs out of the board, I felt like I was deleting myself!


Carolyn NC said...

Nice progress - sorry about the frogs!

Jules said...

Very cool that you get to keep a bit of your teaching history!

Sea said...

Your new stash items look fascinating.
The timetable at the school I work at is done on PC ...I think...but there have been so many "glitches".
It is the first time this member of staff has done the timetable, I'm sure he'll sort it out, but I know there have been gripes galore

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress and new stash. Sorry about the frogs I know the feeling. Loved the story about your timetable.

Justflo said...

Ooops about the frogs, but glad you got them sorted. What a stash add-on pure envy here. Your school time-table system would almost make a great 'who-dun-it' type game . Knowing me I'd be the one who forgot why and where I'd gone to work in the first place and stay in the staff-room

Lisa said...

Thats some lovely new stash you have there.
Loved the history bit... those pegs are tiny!

Bekca said...

You've still made great progress even if the frogs did decide to visit. I don't envy the person who had to organise all the timetables :)
Happy stitching.

grannyanne said...

Progress is still being made on White Nights even if you did have to frog. I should think you are looking forward to finishing the houses and can use a different colour palette.

Babs said...

Wonderfull stash you have there, would take a while to stitch I think.

And the peg story, I've never heared off such a thing, but wonderfull to get to know it.