Thursday, 12 August 2010

The new 'Happy Chair'

As mentioned in my last post, here is a photo of my new chair.

When I ordered this chair back in April I felt really stupid in the shop, checking out where the legs were and how wide it was. Why? Because the chair had to be narrower than my largest stitching frame and the legs had to be far enough back so that the frame could be pulled as close into the chair as possible. The lady in the shop probably thought I was mad. Anyway, it is the new 'happy chair'(term lifted from Spinster Stitcher's blog) The eagle eyed amongst you may notice some of the progress that has been made since it's arrival!

Last week on the rotation it was Just Nan week. After finishing Floral Fifteen I made a start on her Summer Wings Humbug. I chose this one rather than The Spring Frills Humbug as I thought it would be a faster stitch. It took just over a week of evenings to complete. Here it is before being 'finished'.

I stitched this on 28ct over dyed linen from DoveStitch, I've no idea what the colour is called. The next photo shows the humbug made up but without it's pin as mine had a crystal missing and has had to be sent back. A replacement is in the post.

This week on the rotation it's back to Witches Riding By.

For those of you who are into Halloween stitching check out some of the latest designs by Just Nan. Called 'Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill', this is my favourite!

Next week it's the return of the Green Santa to the rotation. He missed out last month with my being away on the field trip. Here's hoping he gets finished and I make big inroads in to the next one. For now it's back to the happy chair for me and
the first episode of season four of Ugly Betty which started last night.

Happy stitching!


Justflo said...

The 'Happy Chair' looks very content in its new home.
Beautiful finish and lovely stitching on 'Witches'. Like the looke of the 'Just Nan's' piece.

Good luck with your Green Santa.

Happy stitching to you.

Jules said...

What a great chair!

Your WIPs are lovely as always!!!

grannyanne said...

Your chair looks just right for stitching purposes. It looks to me as though you have made progress on White Nights. Looking forward to seeing that. I bet you are going to get the Just Nan design. I wonder if she will do a Christmas cube.

Ingrid said...

Beautiful chair you got there Jen and he is very good there by the window!Beautiful chair you got there Jen and he is very good there by the window! I love your Halloween stitching! Excellent job .... it all looks stunningly beautiful!

Terri said...

I love your happy chair and your stitching corner. It looks very cozy!

April Mechelle said...

The Happy Chair looks right at home !! Enjoy!

Karin said...

I love the humbug - what a great finish!

Carolyn NC said...

Happy chair is smiling - found the perfect home! Love all the progress in stitching, too!

Lesleyanne said...

Your happy chair looks great. Lovely finish and progress on your WIP.

Jennifer H said...


What a beautiful setup! I wish I had one like it! :D Mayhap, when I get a craft room of my own, I can have that dream come true! :)

The frame you have I notice is rather large for the White Nights, what frame is that? and what is the size? I have at least one BAP I know of in my stash that will reguire a sizable frame to work with.

Your little tree is looking rather bare too...will you be putting up ornaments for Halloween on it? :)

Jennifer H