Thursday, 26 August 2010

White Nights progress report

As you know the houses making up Part 5 of White Nights have been getting me down. I started stitching them in January and have managed one house a week on the rotation. One good weeks I've managed to stitch some of the corner sections making up Part 6 as per the cunning plan put forward by my Mum back in January.

At the start of the school holidays my Mum came up with yet another suggestion which was to stitch White Nights during the day and do the rotation pieces in the evening as normal. So for once I actually listened to my Mum and did what she suggested! I am please to report that Part 5 is finished!

As is Part 6.

And half of Part 7!

The whole thing looks like this so far.

Despite all this progress this week has not been a productive week stitching wise. On Tuesday I had to go into work as it was GCSE results day and yesterday we went on a 'Steam Special' called 'The Fellsman' from Preston to Carlisle and back over the historic and picturesque Settle to Carlisle Railway. This was a fantastic day out. I would recommend this trip to anyone as the scenery is beautiful. The weather was on our side. Here are some photos from that trip. Firstly the loco Leander, which pulled our train, standing at Carlisle station.

Next a view of Pen-Y-Ghent from the train.

Some of the people who had turned out to watch the train.

These people, and many more were watching the train go over this...

... Ribblehead Viaduct. Started in October 1870 this viaduct took five years to build. A temporary brickworks was constructed nearby making 20,000 brick a day for the viaduct! You can not get a good picture of a train on a viaduct whilst you are on it yourself so this is one I found taken of our trip here, a spectacular sight!

I will finish this post by returning to White Nights, the success story of the summer. Glass of wine and a happy dance tonight!


Jennifer H said...


White Nights looks so lovely! You shouldn't be upset regarding the lack of stitching done on it. Trust me, you've gotten more stitching done on that pieces than any stitching pieces I've done all year!

I am sadly WAY behind in the stitching department.

Huge applause for you and your Mum for White Nights - it will be a stunner for sure.


marylin & poussy said...

Hi, I'm allowed to talk to you on my blog, to honor your embroidery
friendships marylin

Terri said...

Your stitching is exquisite!

valerie said...

Congrats on your White Nights progress. It's looking stunning!

Sea said...

People always turn out to see the train...I know..have been taken there once.
Perhaps I should let you loose on my giraffes....the intended recipient is putting me off finishing.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on White Nights and lovely pictures of your day out.

Carolyn NC said...

Yay for you - it's moving right along and looks just fantastic! Love the pics of the train and the viaduct!

grannyanne said...

White nights looks fantastic. Mums do come useful at times. Looking forward to seeing your progress on all your stitching.

Bekca said...

White Nights is looking great, keep it up! I hope your GCSE students did as well as expected :)
Happy stitching.

Blu said...

White Nights looks amazing!

Justflo said...

Your White Nights is absolutely stunning. I'm glad that you have got over the tedious bit,that being the houses all being the same, and can see how much the 'Inspiration Thought' from your Mum has helped you get over the house hurdle. Looking forward to seeing it progress fantastically now with the beautiful corner sections. PS I would never even attempt to have started it......I'm a coward.

Happy stitching to you.

Aussie Stitcher said...

White Nights is looking amazing and you are making great progress on it. I love the pictures of the steam engine. My Dad drove trains for a living and drove the occasional steam engine. He even got to drive The Flying Scottsman when it was shipped here.