Monday, 12 March 2012

Spring is here!

It's been two weeks since my last post and quite a lot has been going on on the stitching front.  Firstly, I finished Spring by Jardin Privé.

This was stitched on 32ct opalescent linen in the recommended DMC floss. The only change I made was that I used one strand of thread not two for that more delicate look.

Last week was the turn of White Nights. I was quite pleased with my progress the main buildings and border on the left hand side are finished, there is still some way to go on the right hand side though.

I also managed to do a little more on Joy to the World, which is back on the rotation this  week.

Last weekend I took the Heirloom Wedding Sampler to The Nimble Thimble to be framed. Whilst I was there I indulged in some stash enhancement, a Shepherd's Bush kit and Official Crazy Cat Lady from Raise the Roof Designs.

I stitched this on the train to and from Edinburgh, as this weekend it was my Scottish Hen Night. This involved doing something crafty, and hopefully, I will be able to show you what was created by five of us next time.

Happy stitching!


Diane (di) said...

Jen, you stitching is always so beautiful. Love how White Nights is coming along... gorgeous!

I'm gonna have to hunt down Spring. I am so in love with that tree and those buildings (love your conversion, too). :)

Anonymous said...


just joined your blog.

You have some beautiful stitching.

Your Spring finish is lovely and your other WIP's are looking great.

I had a look at your Heirloom Weeding Sampler and I think it's stunning.

Carolyn NC said...

Love all the stitching...who knew White Nights had all those lucsious colors in the buildings? But I love the little tree in cute!

grannyanne said...

Lovely stitching as always. I like the wide variety of things you stitch. I hope you had a fun Hen Night.

Anonymous said...

Color color and more color. I love it! Very nice work, Jen.

Justflo said...

White Nights is just stunning.

'Spring'is lovely beautiful colours.

Lucky you....stash enhancement.