Monday, 16 April 2012

Four finishes and a wedding!

Two weeks exactly since my last post and a lot has gone on! In the week running up to 'Our Big Day' things were so relaxed that I was able to finish a few things off. Firstly the scarf that I had started to knit.

Then I finished Official Crazy Cat Lady from Raise the Roof Designs.

This was stitched in the recommended over dyed floss on an unknown fabric, which has cat paws printed on it. I will probably make this in to a bell pull.


The next thing to be finished was the Spooky Greetings Bell Pull from Waxing Moon Designs.  I have the pull ware for this so finishing it off will be tonight's job.  Next up another scarf hit the knitting needles. Knitted in a different type of 'wool' this was a much easier knit than the previous scarf.

Anyway, enough of the finishes. Here are some photos of 'Our Big Day'.

These were taken by family and friends, the more arty ones by the official photographer. Next time I will post some photos from our Mini Mystery Honeymoon. Mystery, because I did not have a clue where we were going! It was all booked by the Groom and as you will see next time he did a good job.

Happy stitching!


Melissa said...

Hi Jen - I'm a new follower :)

Firstly congratulations on your wedding! The pictures are lovely and bet you had a fabulous day!!!!

Your stitching is wonderful. I particularly love the Halloween themed one.

Looking forward to more from you. Have a great day!

Vickie said...

Congratulations! You look gorgeous and positively joyous! What great pictures, can't wait to see more. :)

Jennifer H said...


What a lovely bride you are! And marrying a Scotsman - I will have to be envious - I just love their brogue! You are very lucky, and I wish you and your hubby much joy.

Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H

Jennifer H said...

I forgot to ask - is that your mum and dad in the first photo? They are very lovely (your mum) and dashing (your dad).

Much joy!
Jennifer H

Jen said...

No in the first photo left to right, me , the Groom, the Maid of Honour and the Best Man.

Anna said...

WOW! Congratulations to the newlyweds. A looking good couple.


valerie said...

Congratulations to you on your wedding! It looks like it was a wonderful day!

Lea said...

Congratulations to you both.

Justflo said...

So many good wishes are sent to you, Jen.

It was a beautiful day. One to definitely be remembered.

Your stitching is beautiful and congrats on getting so much finished on the run up to your Wedding Day. Nerves of Steel I'd say of better still 'Utter Contentment'. :)

Anonymous said...


i'm a new follower to your blog.

Congratulations on your Big Day!

Your stitching is lovely, especially Crazy Cat Lady.
Love the fabby with the cat paws printed on it.
Great scarves too.

Happy stitching!

grannyanne said...

Lovely stitching just prior to your big day. No wedding nerves just serene calm. The photos are lovely. Look forward to many happy years together.

Veronica said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding.

Lovely finishes too. I especially like your Crazy Cat Lady piece with those cute cat buttons.


Bekca said...

Congratulations! It looks like you had a wonderful day :) I look forward to hearing about your Mystery Trip!
Beautiful finishes too. I'm just starting to learn how to knit, but I'm not having much luck so far.
Best wishes.

Mel said...

So many great finishes! :)
Love the photos too.