Monday, 22 June 2009

SALs ~ Mary Wigham and Totally Useless!

Here is my Totally Useless SAL photo for June.

Totally Useless SAL
The green clump bottom right is from the Frog Biscornu, the bits of blue at the top are from Mary Wigham. There are a few sparkly bits from the July Calendar but you need to look hard to find them!

Here is my progress on Mary Wigham so far.

Mary Wigham SAL
This week on the rotation it should be White Nights but instead I am going to start the August Calendar form Mill Hill. White Nights returns next week!


Wendy said...

love the blue !

tkdquintmom said...

I've been blog catching up Jen and I LOVE the frog biscornu! I have this pattern too and it's nice to see it done up. You did a fantastic job on it. So cute! I love the ort vessel. I just don't think to do that sort of thing.

Flo said...

MW is coming along nicely. Are you still concerned about the variation of colour on the Blue Lagoon? You are doing a sterling job on the recharting
Glad to see Santa is back on the blog I'd missed him.