Monday, 15 June 2009

The frogs are back in town!

This weekend I managed to finish the Frog Biscornu.

Frog Biscornu
This was done as charted. The beads for the centre were raided from my Mum's stash and Mill Hill petite glass beads #42042 were used along the seam. The frog charm was also from my Mum's stash, she had a bag full!

Frog Biscornu
This was the progress made on The Summer Arbor, The Drawn Thread, by the end of stitching on Friday.

Summer Arbor
I did not make as much progress as I had hoped as I did ALL of the second tree in the wrong colour, more frogs!

On Sunday I stitched on Mary Wigham. I am intending to do most of the sampler in Caron Wildflowers, Blueberry. However, I thought this might make the whole thing too dark so I decided to use Azure Skies and/or Blue Lagoon from the same range. The top motif is done in Blue Lagoon. I like the colours but the changes are not as subtle as in the Blueberry and I don't know if it's too much. So I am not going to finish this motif but do the next one or two in Blueberry. Deep down I think this motif might also get frogged but I will wait and see how it looks when I have done some more.

Mary Wigham
Here are two more re charted motifs for those who would like their motifs to be symmetrical, but remember I may have made mistakes too!

Firstly Part 1/2 motif charted in DMC 3052

Secondly Part 2 motif charted in DMC3768 (corrected 23/8/09)

(Added later) Small motif charted in DMC 225. This one can be moved two stitches over to the right from the charted version.

This week sees the return of the Pale Blue Santa, more frogging required before I can start that one, click here to see where I got up to last time.

Now I'm off to mow the lawn. A process which sends the frogs that live in my garden jumping into the pond, where they truly belong!


grannyanne said...

Frog biscornu looks great although I must say frogs are not my favourite creatures. The summer arbor is coming on nicely. I see what you mean about the MW. I would wait and see what it looks like when you have done some more in Blueberry.

Flo said...

Your Frog biscornu looks smashing and I can only say what a great Mum you have, especially as she doesn't mind you regularly raiding.(Exactly how big is her stash I wonder).
Your MW, to me. looks pretty. The variation is marked but it adds a bit of pizzazz(query spelling). You are doing a great job of re-charting MW for those who want to use it. Happy stitching to you and I hope that your arbor has no more frog attacks.

Zeb said...

Hi Jen, came across your block via the Just Nan Junction and the Basket Biscornu team blogs.

Just an fyi, I recently purchased Just Nan's Boo! In the Tin and Over the Top Tin from Sew and So :)
And they still have it listed.

Mel said...

Biscornus are lovely!
And your choice of colours for Mary Wingham are great. :)

Cindy F. said...

Love the biscornu and the froggy charm is adorable!! Congrats on another beautiful finish:)

Re: floss....side by side, your floss look great together, but I'd have to see more to determine if blue lagoon works with the others. Love the blue lagoon though! Good luck girl! and thanks so much for sharing your corrections:)

Jennifer said...

Any idea who the designer is for frog biscornu? Love it!