Monday, 4 July 2011

The border is started and help is required.

Last week I made good progress on White Nights. I started and finished the tallest tower. The previous week I completed the other three towers, which only needed the odd stitch and the beads putting on. This is a picture of the first two towers.

Last night I started on the border. My aim, this week, is to complete the small section of border on each side so that I can roll up in order to stitch the large central group of buildings.

There are now only fourteen school days left until we break up for the summer holidays and my mind is turning to holiday stitching.  Some time will be spent on White Nights but I fancy a new start but what?  So, in order to help me choose I'm going to have a poll.

These are the choices.

In the night ~ Maggi Co's Village range from Jardin Privé

Counting Bats ~ Just Nan

Winter Arbor ~ The Drawn Thread

Three Gables ~ The Cross Eyed Cricket

The poll will close on Wednesday 20 July. So please help me out and get voting!

Please register your vote in the poll on the sidebar.


Branlaadee said...

"In the night" looks quick and easy so it wont take too much time away from White Nights and you'll still have a new start and quick finish!

White Nights looks lovely, by the way. I cant wait to see more of it.

mdgtjulie said...

I like Winter Arbor. The colors are sooo pretty!! Grats on all your progress on White Nights. I like it but it has too much yellow in it for me. (I hate yellow.)

Lisa said...

I'll be going for In the night :)

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on White Nights. I vote for Maggi Co's Village.

Justflo said...

Great stitching there. It's really coming on.

I've put in my vote. for Maggie & Co's ' In the Night'

wendy111 said...

Lovely progress on White Nights, this is a gorgeous design. I voted for the Maggi Co's village design, but I do like all of them

mbroider said...

I am for Maggi Co's Village too... It was an easy choice for me, might be because i am not such a fan of Halloweeeny stuff... Also it is very unique!!

grannyanne said...

Grat stitching. Spoilt for choice over what to vote for. Think I will go for the Winter Arbour

Bekca said...

Great progress on White Nights, it's coming along so beautifully. I've registered my vote for In The Night, it's such a sweet design. Happy stitching to you.

Francesca said...

In the Night definitely - it looks different and adorable. Enjoy your stitching whatever you decide!