Monday, 11 July 2011

Nearly there!

Look at what I managed to achieve after a weekend at 'The Other Railway'

There's not much to do now! I might be tempted to try and complete Tuscan Gardens 2 this this week, wait and see. I would have finished all the cross stitching on this project if I hadn't finished the DMC mini kit snowman.

I've not decided how to finish this off as at 4" x 4" it's a bit too big for a Christmas tree decoration (I don't have a massive tree).  Any ideas?

Last week I managed to complete the sections of the White Nights border I set out to do. I was also able to make a start on the central buildings. here are the border sections before the project was rolled up.

Finally Waxing Moon's Simply Welcome came back from the framers. The frame is a bespoke frame especially for this project.

Thanks to everyone who has voted on my poll on the sidebar. If you have not all ready done so there is still time to vote. more information can be found in the previous post.

Happy stitching


Elizabeth Clark said...

How about turning the snow man into a coaster? Loving the Tuscan Gardens.

mdgtjulie said...

Your snowman looks darling. My mom is a big snowman fan, and I have a couple to do for her. I like your welcome as well. The frame is a perfect match. And grats on getting your borders done for your goal on White Nights. It's looking lovely!!

Lisa said...

OMG Tuscan Gardens is looking amazine. I love seeing them come to life with the backstitch.

Teresa S. said...

You are doing beautiful work-

And I voted on your poll for Jardin Prive-I love her designs and am working on her Sampler au Bouquets.

mbroider said...

Love your WIPs and the snowman. The Michael Powell project also looks great.

As for the poll, i am glad the cats are winning:)

Justflo said...

Greay progress on your WIP's . White Nights is fantastic.

Love your snowman but no idea on how to finish him.

Your Waxing Moons looks great.

You'll have your Tuscan Garden all done before long.

Hope you soon know what your 'Summer hol' stiching will be. All excitement. Hey What!!

grannyanne said...

Great sewing. One finish and one nearly there. The summer holiday is looming and I expect we will see more finishes by September. Happy sewing.

wendy111 said...

You have been busy, and all your projects are progressing beautifully - love all your stitching. The snowman is very cute.

Bekca said...

I love this little snowman and your framed piece looks great too. The end is in sight for Tuscan Gardens! Best wishes.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That Michael Powell is fantastic! I love MP's stuff!

Your Snowman is cute and wow that frame for Welcome is spectacular!

Anna van Schurman said...

Your snowman could be made into a cushion. You could use it as one of the patches in a four patch. Like this.