Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The results are in!

Thanks to everyone who voted in my 'What to stitch over the summer holidays' poll.  The winner was 'In the night' by Jardin Privé. This is now kitted up and in the sewing bag ready to go on holiday, along with another two projects, just in case.

Late last Thursday I put the final stitch in to my Tuscan Gardens II UFO.

This has been a UFO for a number of years. I have the third Tuscan Garden project in my stash, let's hope that when I eventually start to stitch it, it does not have the same fate. I finished the larger Tuscan Gardens I a number of years ago.  I do have two more Christmas themed projects which have become UFO's over the last twelve months, I started stitching on one of those again last weekend. Progress pics on that one next time maybe.

So far this week I have been stitching White Nights. My aim this week is to finish the lower portion of the middle building on the left and right hand side. Here is my progress so far.

I was lucky enough to receive a blog award from Becka, The Stitching Lion, thanks Becka.  At the moment I am not in a position to pass this on, maybe in a few weeks when things are a bit less hectic.

Happy stitching!


grannyanne said...

Great sewing. Have a happy stitching holiday.

Justflo said...

Fantastic finish. Congrats.

Your White Nights is lovely.

Hope you have a super holiday and get some of your stitching done,

Michele said...

wow! what a great finish! Congrats :)

Branlaadee said...

Nice finish! It looks lovely!

White Nights is also coming along great! I cant wait to see more of it.

mdgtjulie said...

Congrats on the award, and the finish. It looks great. Your WNiSP looks wonderful also. Is it done on an opalescent fabby? I can see a little shimmer in some of the pics. Hope you enjoy your hols!!

wendy111 said...

Lovely to see Tuscan Garden finished - very nice! St P is growing nicely too.

Lesleyanne said...

A great finish and progress.

Bekca said...

Congrats on such a wonderful finish. White Nights is looking great, happy stitching to you.

Anna van Schurman said...

I just love Michael Powell's designs. Someday!