Monday, 20 April 2009

Another two items for the UFO pile?

That's how I felt on Thursday afternoon!

Let's start at the very beginning...

... a very good place to start. OK I'll try not to turn into Julie Andrews.

So on Thursday we packed up our stuff and set off to The Railway for 'Steel, Steam and Stars II'. Estimated departure time 09.00, actual departure time 09.30, not too bad. We got to the top of the road and I realised that I had left my allergy pills at home. As much as I like going to The Railway I am actually allergic to the place, or something there that's not at home. So false start No 1. We set off again. We managed to get a little further this time when The Other Half said that he had left his razor behind. False start No 2. So about fifteen minutes down the road I decided to get the Pale Blue Santa out. I then had a Victor Meldrew moment,

'I don't believe it!'

I had gone and left every single floss colour, and there are many at home, bar one! I think The Other Half did contemplate doing a U turn in the middle of the road but before he could put the brakes on I said that we were not going back, impressed? Well don't be. I had the Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu in my handbag, plus the one I'm going to do for May. I also knew that at my Mum's were the Red and Purple Snowmen from Shepherds Bush and four Jim Shaw Snowmen, I have been indulging in some more stash enhancement. Anyway the one floss colour I had was pale blue and that's the majority of the Santa. It was some hours later, whilst at my Mum's that I happened to notice that I didn't seem to have enough pale blue left. A quick check on the chart and I found that everything I had done in pale blue should have been done in two strands of white and one strand of turquoise. I frogged some of it and gave up. This is what it looks like.

The pale blue on the left hand side needs to come out.

So I changed to the Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu, and guess what I made exactly the same mistake on side two as I did on side one. More frogging! This is it corrected and added to.

That was Thursday. On Friday morning I opened the curtains and this was parked ten yards in front of my window.
If you don't know much about steam locomotives this one is 6100 Royal Scot and she is COOL, even without the name plates, which were put on later.

We had a fantastic Railway Weekend. All over the country photos are probably being uploaded as I type and there will no doubt be some great videos on YouTube. I've already dropped a few names in to this post but this one is the best, I had a long conversation with Pete Waterman, described on the radio this morning as 'Britain's most famous trainspotter', but the rest of the world know him from Stock, Aitken and Waterman, the pop production team who made Kylie famous. How did this one start? I said how much I had enjoyed his TV series on railways and in particular the bit where they showed you how British Railways made a ham sandwich look like it had two slices of ham in it when actually there was only one!

One last thing, in honour of my new blog my Mum got me a blog warming present, can't wait to get started!


dianemi said...

OK, now that those nasty frogs have been banished, I gotta tell you that the biscornu is so pretty and I love the blog warming present from your Mum. Can't wait to see it stitched!!

Flo said...

Your biscornu looks lovely. I had help from my niece to sort mine out where I had gone wrong. I don't think she could really believe that I had done the vast amount of four leaves ans some back stitch and OOPs(need I say more). Any how with loving devotion to her ageing aunt I have been sorted- for how long I wonder? A UFO still in the offing I think but you never know.The Algergian eyes are my next problem, they'll probably come out wonky (is that possible). I like the UFO pic. Do you hang that on your Stash room door? Poor old Santa, I give frogging instruction without charge I really am quite adept at it. Still with your speedy needle I am sure that you will have it sorted and finished (ba the back stitch in no time). Happy stitching.

grannyanne said...

So sorry about the Santa. I had a similar experience last night I used a colour which was nearly the right colour but not right enough so out it came. Even under a daylight bulb some colours are difficult when next to each other. By the way do you live on the train track?

Tammy said...

I'm drooling over your butterfly biscornu-glad you got it worked out!

Cindy F. said...

Oh man! Hate to hear about the frogs tormenting you:( All your pieces are so pretty and I love the present from your mom! Too cute!
Hope your Railway adventures were all you hoped for:)

Yoyo said...

The Railway Weekend sounds just super, hope you had a really good time. I think we should just put frogs on the Endangered Species list and then send the kids out hunting them! I've been plagued with frogs this week too, not fun. Love the gift from your mom!!