Monday, 13 July 2009

Mary Wigham went international in Wales!

This weekend was a 'Railway Weekend', as usual I took Mary Wigham, my Sunday stitching with me. However, this weekend was different it was the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. One of the slogans the town uses is 'Llangollen, where Wales welcomes the world'. So in the spirit of the Mary Wigham SAL being a truly international one I took a picture of her sitting on a bench on Platform 2 of Llangollen Station. In the background is the bridge which has been called one of the wonders of the Welsh world, flying from it the flags from other nations.

Here is a bad picture of me in my Guard's uniform. The shoes are Doc Martins with steel toe caps. When the photo was taken it was quite windy, Mary almost got blown into the river!

This is the progress so far! The 'Blue Lagoon' has almost been replaced.

Mary Wigham SAL

Those people who are in charge of the calendar have come up trumps again because July is five week month which means on a four week rotation starting on the first full week of the month,I get a spare week! And, yes I'm going to start something new, tonight!

In January the Headteacher at my school announced that she would be taking early retirement at the end of the school year (next Wednesday). I know she will be getting lots of gifts from staff, pupils and parents. I thought long and hard what to get her and in the end decided to stitch something. This

Hardanger Angel
designed by Ruth Hanke this Hardanger Angel is a freebie from the Kreinik website. I thought rather than have something on display all the time it might be nice to have something that comes out once a year. Christmas in schools can be really special time, and my school, although it is a secondary school is no exception, so I hope that when she hangs this angel on her tree she is reminded of Christmases at our school!


grannyanne said...

You do indeed look a little windswept. So glad Mary did not have an early bath. I wonder if you willl complete your angel in a week. It will make a splendid gift.

Flo said...

Looks as though Mary enjoyed her visit to LLangollen, sitting easily on the seat by the platform. Your Guards gear looks very elegant!!.
The angel looks fab. will you finish it in time?
Evidently you have been frogging on your MW, It does look lovely though.
Waiting to see what you new project is.

Colleen said...

I love the color you're using for Mary! It's gorgeous!!

The Angel is a terrific idea! I make Christmas lace ornaments and bookmarks with my embroidery machine and stick them in my Christmas cards I send out. She will enjoy this every year and think of you :)

Cindy F. said...

Such a beautiful gift, your angel!!!
Great pics! Glad you didn't have to jump in the river to get Mary!! She's looking fantastic!!