Friday, 31 July 2009

White Nights ~ Part 4

My splitting the day between two projects seems to have worked. I completed the cross stitch on the gate houses so next time it is the fancy stitches, backstitch and then the swag.

Simply Autumn also made good progress, in fact it is finished!

Simply Autumn
This week the house has also had a good clean achieved by the rotation method, one hour stitching, clean one room, one hour stitching, clean another room. I realised today that it is the first of August tomorrow so everything stopped so that I could mount the August Calendar ready to be put up on the kitchen wall. The staged photo of this to go in the sidebar has not happened as I was running out of time.

I also spent part of the week sorting out my holiday stitching. That's packed but no clothes yet. Well a girl has to get her priorities right. I will need to make a start on one, if not two of these tonight as starting a project in the car can often lead to centering problems, well that's my excuse.

Anyway off to clean the kitchen floor and pack some clothes, not necessarily in that order!


grannyanne said...

White nights is looking great. Love the colours in Autumn. Enjoy your holiday.

tkdquintmom said...

White nights is so pretty! I also love your Poor Jack..I have that I just need to get hopping on it...

Flo said...

Your White Nights is progressing at a great rate. I like your Simply Autumn, very pretty.
Here's hoping you managed to pack enough cross stitch to keep you going on your hols- at the speed you stitch you must have a designated case. Have a good holiday, hope the weather's kind.

Cindy F. said...

WK is so beautiful! The final stitches are going to make it even more so!
Congrats on finishing Autumn! I love this one, as the design and colors are beautiful!! Good job Jen!

Hey! That is an awesome idea! Stitching an hour, cleaning an hour! I'm going to try your way and see if that helps me get more housework done. Now when do you work in your computer time? :)

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely stitching and finish! WN is so gorgeous! Love your rotation idea - my mom used to do the same thing with reading a book. :)