Monday, 27 July 2009

No stitching for four days, things must have been bad!

What with one thing and another last week I haven't felt like doing much stitching. So to get me out of the doldrums I decided to start something new.

Poor Jack
Called 'Poor Jack' this Just Nan freebie came from The Silver Needle with an order for 'Scream House', an early birthday prezzie from my Mum! This only took a couple of hours to stitch, if that, and I did it yesterday in between completing the backstitching on Ed Hedgehog, what is left of my Country Companions Sampler UFO (You can find out more about him here), and Mary Wigham.

Ed Hedgehog

Mary Wigham
Last week on the rotation it was the turn of the 'Pale Blue Santa'. I didn't pick him up until Thursday and did no real stitching on him until Friday. Four days without stitching, things must have been bad! Here he is.

Pale Blue Santa

This week it's back to White Nights but because it's the school holidays I'm going to stitch on something else in the day, up to 3.00 pm and then then the normal rotation project after that. So the day project is Simply Autumn form Waxing Moon Designs.

By the way, my Headteacher at school really liked the Hardanger Angel I stitched for her. By coincidence lots of the decorations on her Christmas tree have memories attached to them. She said that her children, now grown up, ask why she is putting some tatty old decoration on the tree and she replies, because they made it when they were five. So it seems I hit the nail on the head with my choice of leaving gift for her.

Happy stitching


grannyanne said...

Glad you have got over whatever it was. Stitching looks great as always. I can see the progress on the Santas. The freebie looks good.

Cindy F. said...

Oh my goodness! How cute is your little Halloween stitch and Ed!!!
Love them!!
Beautiful stitching on Mary:) and look at Santa coming out again!!
That's alot of stitching for someone who didn't stitch for 4 days!!

Karen said...

That's such a cute Halloween quickly that time is approaching.

Love the color on your Mary Wigham.

Flo said...

Glad to see Santa back out in the open. I like you Halloween freebie, it's different to alot I've seen. Bet you're glad Ed is finished-he looks quite pleased with himself, not surprised really if he's been stuck in a drawer for ????years.

Carolyn NC said...

Your stitching is lovely. Saw your Reflections pic on another blog and had to check it out. Fantastic job!