Monday, 8 March 2010

Five things and a finish.

This weekend I felt a little bit strange in the stitchy department, maybe it was caused by eating too much Five Minute Chocolate Cake (see previous post). As a result I actually stitched on five things!

On Friday evening I reached my goal for the week and finished Part 3 of Barnabee's Quest. In order to give myself a head start the next time this appears on the rotation I started on Part 2 on Saturday morning.

Barnabee's Quest
The finishing kit for this project, ordered from The Silver Needle, arrived last week and I have the Just Nan pull ware for it. I'm hoping to finish this before the summer. To tell you the truth I could have continued to stitch on this but no, Saturdays are Christmas Design SAL days and that is what I moved on to next. I'm now starting to think that when I have finished the cross stitch on this one I will have a go at actually finishing off both this ornament and the blue one.

Tuscan Gardens
Sunday was UFO day. I made a start on Tuscan Gardens and then got side tracked in the stash room, looking for my small hoop, as my next handbag project is going to be the Anniversary Biscornu by Just Nan. I actually spent an hour stitching on this but put it back in the handbag has I was feeling guilty because I wasn't stitching the UFO. Now I thought that Tuscan Gardens was the last one, WRONG! Whilst looking for the hoop I came across yet another UFO. So I stitched this one instead! Now there was a method in my madness. This newly unearthed UFO, although stitched one over one, was very small and actually took only a couple of hours to finish.

Ginger Cat Keyring
This keyring kit was on the cover of Cross Stitch Collection Jan/Feb 1996, although I'm pretty sure it's not been a UFO for that long. The picture of the finished keyring is in the 2010 Gallery in the sidebar.

I did eventually get round to stitching Tuscan Gardens and was quite pleased with my progress.

This week on the rotation there is a gap, so I could start something new. Instead I'm going to stitch on Open House, which some would class as another UFO as it's not been worked on since October/November. However, this is definitely a WIP in my book as it has never been 'put away'. I'm over two thirds of the way through with this one. This is where it was left.

Open House

Have a great stiching week.


Maisie Moonshine said...

Cripes you have been busy! I love Barnabee's Quest. It looks like you are working on some fun projects.

grannyanne said...

Love the Barnaby. Looking forward to seeing it finished with the kit from Silver Needle

Justflo said...

Barnabee's Quest looks great. looking forward to seeing it finished. Your Tuscan Garden will soon be in bloom. Like the keyring and finally 'Open Hpuse' always looks a real fun piece.
Happy stitching.

Carolyn McNeil said...

Barnebee looks great! Well, everything you're working on looks great! You make me feel like I've been lazy...not stitchin' as much as I should...
Happy Stitchin'...
An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stitching!