Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sunday post on Tuesday!

On Sunday evening I would, normally, have posted some photos of my weekend stitching efforts, but not this Sunday. I did, however, manage to email Yoyo the photos of my Timeless Elegance ornaments for the Christmas Design SAL. Here they are.

On Sunday I decided to delay posting until Monday to give me a full evening on my recently unearthed UFO. This is Tuscan Gardens II by Michael Powell. However, we had a disaster, so to speak, on the domestic front. My Candy washing machine packed up in the most spectacular fashion! There were no sparks and it did not 'blow up' as such, but it did make the most fantastic metal crunching noise and yes, it was part way through a cycle and full of wet washing. This machine was about 15 years old so I guess I can't complain too much. So, a good part of Sunday evening was spent sorting out the washing whilst trying not to flood the kitchen! By the time this had all been done the UFO was the last thing I wanted to stitch, strange that. Here it is so far.

Before Sunday all that was stitched of this were the two arches and the terracotta plant pots on the right. You can see a photo at this post. This will also be featured in my UFO blog, 'I've started so I'll finish ... eventually'.

In the small amount of time I had left on Sunday evening I stitched the March picture for Sylvia's 'My Little Heart' SAL.

My Little Heart SAL
I'm doing this on 28ct Lambswool Permin linen. I stitched the pictures for January and February over the weekend.

This week on the rotation it's back to Barnabee's Quest. Very little progress was made last night as the washing machine saga was still going on. On the way home from work I went to Currys to buy a new machine. The Other Half met me there with his van and we were able to bring the machine home. The next few hours were spent removing the old machine and plumbing in and wiring up the new one. Getting the new machine out of the van and the old one into it took a lot of effort as those things are heavy! As I've gone on about it so much I'd better show you a picture.

I hope everyone has a great stitching week with no domestic appliance disasters!


Justflo said...

Love your Christmas Designs, the colours are vibrant. Glad you've found something to replace MW. Your Sylvia's blog piece looks interesting I'll have to check it out.

Sorry about your 'white goods' going blue! I imagine you are now having to spend a while familiarising yourself with the new controls,
Don't take too long on that as your stitching won't wait that long.

Happy stitching to you.

Lisa said...

Some excellent stitching there Jen. Really loving the christmas ornaments.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely christmas ornaments.

Jules said...

Well, at least you got many good years out of Candy! I remember putting regular dish detergent in the dishwasher (we were out of Cascade) back in 1989/90. Let's just say we had a sudser! I didn't know any better and all my dad could do was laugh at me. LOL

Your stitching is lovely! I really like that first ornie picture.

Sea said...

Lovely projects
Specially like the second Xmas one.
No wonder you are tired..most washing machines have lumps of concrete in them...to stop them "dancing" on spin cycle

Carolyn NC said...

Christmas designs are beautiful. Glad you managed to get through the disaster and get a new washing machine. But still you got in some good stitching!

Jennifer H said...

Wow Jen!

Looks like you got a lot going on! You have me intriqued too by the Michael Powell design. I am going to have to check that one out for sure! Always loved Italy, but have never been there, and the Tuscan region is one area I wish I could be in right now.


benbes said...

I love your christmas ornaments, awsome.
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grannyanne said...

LOvely sewing as always. The colours in the ornaments are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing Barnaby's Quest progress. Happy stitching and washing to you.

Appliances Online said...

Nice Zanussi washing machine! Very impressed that you manoeuvred it yourself, I have lifted many a washing machine and the concrete in them doesn't make them light!
Is that the ZWF12070W1? We have a demo video for that model, may save you trawling through the instruction manual!
Let us know what you think of the machine, leave a review of it for other customers and you can even upload your picture: