Monday, 13 April 2009

Precious Ramotswe and me ...

... what do we have in common?

On the face of it very little. I am no lady detective and I don't live in Botswana. But, she seems to spend a lot of time driving around in a white van and sitting on the veranda, watching the world go by and this is what I have done this weekend, well sort of.

White van time meant that I was able to complete part 2 of the pin cube SAL from Stitch-Creations.

Sitting on the veranda on Saturday meant that I was able make good progress on the Baby Shamrocks Biscornu. Whilst stitching outside the wind caught one of my orts and blew it away. I promptly dropped everything and ran after it so that the ort's final resting place would be my flask for the Totally Useless SAL rather than decorating some bush or birds nest, sorry birds but you've had plenty of my orts in the past! An evening on the now none existent sofa and a morning on a very hard chair (sofa hit the local recycling place at 9.00 this morning) and the biscornu was finished. This shows the front and back.

And this is the finished item.

So why is the sofa at the tip? The Other Half has, finally, let his house and we are here sorting out the last bits of stuff. As I write this I am sitting in a room furnished with a few boxes, the aforementioned chair and a TV!

At some stage over the weekend I was also able to finish the lilac side of 'When Barnabee Met Bella'.

This week it's back to the St Nicholas Tree Skirt and the 'Pale Blue Santa'. Only time will tell how much I get done as this weekend is the start of 'Steel, Steam and Stars II' . More about this in a future post, no doubt.


Yoyo said...

the shamrock biscornu turned out gorgeous!! Barnaby also looks super. That is going to be really really nice when finished. I did not get a chance to start the pin cube darn it, I've got to get that going or you all will be finished before I start.

grannyanne said...

I hope your white van doesn't have the same problem as Mma Ramotswe, but perhaps she just wants an excuse to take it to the garage! Biscornu looks lovely I and my Jim Shore's Sophie Sheep are still plodding on.

dianemi said...

My goodness Jen, your needles are seriously smoking! Such beautiful stitching. I love that biscornu and when Barnabee met Bella! Great job.

Flo said...

You just totally amaze me. You seem to find such delightful designs decide to do them and Bobs your uncle they appear as if by magic on your blog. It takes me for ever to decide on something, so, yes I purchase it and then it seems to arrive in my 'things to do cupboard' (Please note no stash room available- all available space is taken up with years of hoarding probably useless stuff). Eventually I dig around in said cupboard and low and behold out comes something to do with either Halloween or Christmas. Have I got a problem I ask myself? Answer is I just haven't got your touch for finishing things I start. Quick example- Biscornu started- Biscornu gone wrong after first 20 minutes of struggle- Biscornu in box- Biscornu likely to arrive at nieces house to add to her bowl. PS Guess what! It's a Christmas one. Keep stitching oh Speedy Stitcher I'll be watching.

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful stitchings and your biscornu is gorgeous!!
Hey, I have that tree skirt kit and was wondering if you were using the called for # of strands. I can't remember if it's DMC floss or not, but I was also wondering if the called for # gives good enough coverage?