Monday, 6 April 2009

Two finishes and a start

So back to the stitching. Last Wednesday I finished the May calendar, all it needs now is blocking and stretching, tomorrow's job.

As this was finished early I went on to the next project in the rotation, 'Simply Summer' from Waxing Moon Designs and finished that too!

This gives me a 'free week' on the rotation so I have started 'When Barnabee Met Bella' from Just Nan.


Flo said...

Wow! A day at the races and your needle has acquired even more speed. You must have been getting tips off the trainers on how to improve your speed. 'May' looks very pretty. I'm glad to see you consider we will be having a Summer this year, I will watch out for it. Happy stitching.

grannyanne said...

I love the Summer and the calendar looking forward to seeing your next biscornu your bowl will be filling up nicely. You seem to have found a lovely collection of different designers. Having a blog certainly introduces you to different ones.

Yoyo said...

That summer piece is really darling. I'm with Flo though, you really think we're going to get a summer? Spring sure hasn't sprung around here yet. I'm looking forward to seeing "Barnabee" that is a beautiful design.

Anonymous said...