Wednesday, 15 April 2009

When does a WIP become a UFO?

Now I know this question is not is important as, What is the meaning of life? (answer 42) but it has been playing on my mind for some time.

On my WIP list I have Michael Powell's Tuscan Gardens II. It is not on the rotation, I have not put a stitch in since virtually the day I started it over six months ago - so is it actually a UFO?

This next one is definitely a UFO. Started when one of my nephews was still a bump, one is now 12 and the other 9!

This is the Teepee Bears Door Hanger designed by Joan Elliott for Bucilla.

I have another one, hidden in a drawer at The Railway, which is a Country Companions one. The idea here being to leave some stitching at The Railway so that I didn't have to take something every weekend. Mmm... that's been there over six years.

So in a moment of madness I have started another blog called 'I've started so I'll finish, eventually' at This is a SAL for all those who want to finish/talk about one or more of their UFOs. Purely for fun, but if it encourages people to finish their UFOs that would be great. If you are interested in joining then email me, via my profile, or leave a comment on this blog and I will sent you an invitation.


grannyanne said...

What do you call a UFO that has as much chance of being finished as me seeing an Unknown Flying Object?
I have a UFO Teresa Wentzler's Peacock Tapestry.It's been going for about 15 years plus others so I think I would qualify to join your blog.

Flo said...

I shall have to search high and low now to see if I have ever not finished something I started. Ho. Ho. It took me about 20 years to do a tapestry and then I never got it framed. So off to the cupboard and drawer search, it will be a voyage of discovery and recall of bygone times.I'll find things that I'll wonder why I ever started then or even worse bought them in the first place. Aladdins cave will have nothing on my findings of that I can be sure.

Cindy F. said... cute are those bears!!!
Love those colors:) Great idea for a blog. I don't really have a ufo...just current wips. I'm sure you're going to have great response!

Yoyo said...

The answer to this one is so personal and I think it's different for everybody. For me it's when I just plain lost interest in stitching this one item. But other things got left behind only because I got interested in a new item so I don't really call those UFO. I am such a great candidate for your new blog! But no, that's one of my resolutions this year, finish up some projects and don't join anything new until you do. But then that's the premise of the new blog I guess...geeze girl you make me think too hard.