Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Homework? set by Yoyo

In the last post I said I had received an invite to join 'Stitcher's Showcase' and was off to explore. Yoyo in her comment asked if I could do a synopsis of what it is all about. So here we go.

Stitcher's Showcase aims to provide 'stitchers, regardless of the type of stitchery a place to showcase their work'.

How do you join? Go to the homepage, link provided at the bottom of my sidebar, and follow the sign up instructions. It takes less than five minutes.

You get your own page where you can add
  • photos and organise them into albums

  • video

  • music

  • blog post, on the site's blog

  • add to or start a discussion topic

Some people have customised their pages but not being into Facebook or My Space I haven't a clue where to start. The default layout is fine anyway. When adding a photo you can put a title, brief description and appropriate tags. When added the photo appears on the site's main page. If you click on the photo you get a larger version with the description, if given, and there is a box for people to leave comments.The comments appear on you page and you also get email notification.

There is also a search facility. I searched under biscornu and got four pages of results which included photos, comments on photos and blog posts. To my mind some of the photos had not been fully labeled eg. naming the designer but you could leave a comment asking for that information.

It seems that many people, like me, are using the site to display finishes, that is, showcase their work. Many of the biscornu photos I recognised from the Basket of Biscornu SAL. Some are adding to the blog with photos of WIPs and finishes.

If you are interested in a person's work and would like to find out more you can click on their name, go to their page, scroll down and eventually get to the link to their blog, if they have one.

Finally, as I said, I will be using Stitcher's Showcase to post photos of my finishes. If this encourages people to visit my blog who have not done so before that's great. But this blog is my main focus and my inspiration for stash enhancements comes from visiting other blogs to find out what everyone else is doing, and how they are getting on.

Hardly a synopsis but please Miss (Yoyo), how did I do?

So on to this week's project in the rotation. The picture for May in the Mill Hill Calendar.

This was how it was at the end of stitching yesterday. There is a yellow flower to go in the bottom right hand corner and a ladybird where there is a gap in the middle, a small amount of backstitch and then the embellishments. The reason why I have managed to do so much by Tuesday is that I was effectively sent home from work on Monday with what the doctor thought could be 'Slapped Face Syndrome' or Shingles. It turned out to be 'Slapped Face Syndrome' a virus which makes your face look like, well you've guessed it. Your face goes very red and very hot. So I had a day and a half off work. I went back today to find that a colleague was off on Monday with the same thing and another one looked like he's coming down with it. Great, Sod's Law says that teachers will come down with a childhood ailment just in time for the holidays.


grannyanne said...

May design looks fab. Glad you are no longer blushing.

Yoyo said...

Well goodness, I really didn't intend to assign homework...but like most A type personalities you did an excellent job. Much more information than I managed to get by actually rummaging the site. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH. For me it still sounds like just one more place to remember to post to and keep updated ... and remember another password. I think I'll stick with my blog

The calendar is really going to be cute. Hope to see more of it soon.

Maren said...

Wow, that was some homework! lol On the one hand, it sounds like an interesting project. But on the other, I can barely keep up with my blog as it is, so I really don't know if I'll set up a page for myself there.

Your stitching on the other hand, that is really pretty!

Tammy said...

Love your monthly pieces--so colorful and pretty!

Flo said...

Glad to see your priorities were right - be poorly before the hols not during them. At least it gave you more time for the old needlework. Hope the other-half waited on you hand and foot. Had a look at your link to stitchers showcase and saw the cross-stitch I have just had framed. It looks very different to mine, it just goes to show how framing can alter a finished work. Must admit my picture has not yet got onto the wall as I can't decide where to put it. Not a case on no space just too much space to choose from.

Cindy F. said...

I'm sure Stitcher's Showcase is a very nice place, but I've signed up with The Stitcher's Village and don't even have time to visit that!
They also have some awesome tutorials, stores, etc.