Monday, 3 May 2010

My Little Heart SAL and other stuff

This weekend was a non working railway weekend which meant that I was able to get on with quite a bit of stitching. Firstly the May picture for Sylvia's My Little Heart SAL.

This is a picture of the project so far. I still have to border to finish.

On Saturday I also got back in to the next Timeless Elegance ornament for Yoyo's Christmas Design SAL.

I have also finished off Barnabee's Quest. Yesterday with the help of my Mum and my Dad's hand held drill I made the three colour cording. Usually I use a pencil to twist the floss but if I had done that this time I would still be twisting today. So impressed was I with the drill that I'm tempted to send 'The Other Half' off to B&Q on 'Wrinkly Wednesday' to get me a smaller version.

This photo is not too good as it is out of focus and the wall is actually yellow and not the colour it appears to be.

The pull ware and the tassel topper are from Just Nan. I made the tassel using the left over cotton perle from the cord.

Here in the UK it's a Bank Holiday. The Sun is shining, although it is a bit chilly, and I'm off to start Tea with Honey.

I hope the Sun is shining where you are.


mbroider said...

Your work is lovely!! Sylvia's SAL is wonderful - i have not taken it up as i have my hands full for this year. I keep admiring the outcome in other blogs!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching.

Shirley said...

What beautiful work. I love the name of your blog - I am a speedy stitcher too. kind regards, Shirley

Carolyn NC said...

Love the stitching - it all looks fabulous!

grannyanne said...

Love the finished bellpull. Your SAL looks good too. Can't wait to see the tea table but at the rate you stitch I don't think I will have to wait long. Happy stitching to you.

Bekca said...

I love the My Little Heart design and congratulations on the fabulous bell pull finish :)

Lisa said...

Some lovely stitching there Jen, the little hearts are very cute indeed.

Ingrid said...

Lovely work Jen ,i love your stitching !Congratulations on the finished bell pull, he is gorgeous!

lenna said...

Jen ~
Sorry it's a ladybug! She still is cute. I am going to stitch her too.
I am working on Barnabee's Quest too I have about half of it done. Dug it out the other day.
Your 2009 finishes are awesome. I love your many biscornu's. I really like the Just Nan one you made up. I tried to get that box and pattern but they were all gone. Go figure!
Keep up your great stitching.
God Bless ~