Monday, 30 March 2009

Double figures and a finish!

When I 'blogged on' today I found that over the weekend my list of followers had risen to ten! Thanks to everyone who follows and/or leaves comments. I hope that there will be plenty for you to come back and see in the future, and keep those comments coming I enjoy reading them!

This weekend I finished the Thistle Biscornu which was designed by Sharon, The Purple Thread. I am really pleased with it.

This was in every way a freebie. The silks were left over from The Drawn Thread Spring Arbour. The beads also came from that project and a Mill Hill calendar. The big pearl beads in the centres I got from my Mum's bead stash. The 28 count Cashel Linen (lilac) had been brought for a project still in the stash. The floss in my stash most matching this in colour was Anchor 103.
This week in the rotation it is the May Calendar from Mill Hill.
I have been invited to join Stitchers Showcase. So I am off to explore!


grannyanne said...

That looks really pretty. The colours are so delicate. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

Flo said...

I like this one. Your bowl will be a little fuller now. On to your next project.

Yoyo said...

This is a gorgeous little biscornu, and all the more fun for it apparently being a no cost project (LOL).

I keep hearing about the Stitcher's Showcase...after you explore how about giving us a little synopsis on what it's all about and why do we need another place to post our stuff. I'm really just not figuring it out too well, but I do see that an awful lot of people are joining.