Monday, 9 February 2009

Basket of Biscornu

Whilst browsing through other blogs over the weekend I came across Basket of Biscornu. What a fantastic idea! Too late to sigh up I am going to do the same, albeit a month behind. I am going to try and theme my biscornu. So far these are my ideas:

January ~ Snowmen Biscornu from Faby Reilly Designs (just waiting for some bits to come from Sew and So)

February ~ Valentine's (still looking)

March ~ Baby Shamrocks from The Sweetheart Tree

April ~ something English for St George's Day (still looking)

May ~ ?

June ~ ?

July ~ ?

August ~ ?

September ~ maybe La Rentree from Faby Reilly

October ~ Halloween theme (still looking)

November ~ Poppies for Remembrance Day and possibly a cornflower on the other side, if I can find a chart

December ~ Christmas Biscornu from Just Nan (a bit of a cheat as this is all ready done)

Fingers crossed, the stuff I need to start on the January one should arrive tomorow, can't wait.