Sunday, 1 February 2009

A weekend away

Firstly, here is the progress made on 'The Red Santa' by the end of stitching on Thursday evening. Straight after work on Friday we headed off to Harrogate for a weekend away. What with one thing and another and, as it turned out, a poor choice of in car stitching ~ 32 count linen, more backstitch than cross stitch on bumpy winding roads does not work. The majority of the stitching was done waiting in the car for this:

This is the A1 class locomotive 'Tornado' on it's second mainline run with a passenger train, the first was yesterday and yes, we saw that too. As you can see from the number of cars many people, someone near us estimated 150, came to see her. By this stage it was trying to snow and the wind was bitterly cold.

So, the Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu finished the weekend like this.

Whilst wandering around Harrogate I came across a Cath Kidston shop, heaven. I have only seen her stuff on the website. I left twenty minutes later with a handbag and some other bits. So a train spotting weekend does have its advantages!

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Maren said...

oh wow, I love the bright colors on your Red Santa!