Sunday, 22 March 2009

Done ~ beads 'n' all

After a MEGA stitching session yesterday, no late night though, and about an hour this morning White Nights Part 1 is finished, including all the beading. The crystals are still to be added but I'm going to leave them until the end.

Part 2 seems to have gazillions of Algerian eyelets, which I don't particularly like doing, as I think mine always turn out 'funny'. I'm not sure I pull the hole open enough, but hey ho, I might master them this time round.

Off to the stash room to do the ironing and to find the DMC floss which matches Zweigart's Lilac Cashel Linen for doing the back stitching on the Thistle Biscornu. I wonder which will be done first!

In fact has anyone ever matched the different colour linen to floss shades, and if they have where do you find it?


grannyanne said...

Wow that looks fantastic! Sorry can't help over the colour match.

Yoyo said...

Wow that looks great!! I'm sort of surprised that you put the beads on as you go???? Do a lot of stitchers do it that way. I've always waited until all the stitching was done.

Jen said...

I normally wait until the end but this is so big I decided to do them as I'm going along. I don't know what other people do.

Maren said...

WOO HOO, Jen! It's gorgeous! And you are moving on this so fast!

What? You mean Algerian eyelets aren't easy? gulp! oh no. I've got like a million of those things on my project too. You know, that's the problem with Chatelaine. The instructions make it look so easy to do and her designs are just too lovely to resist.

Flo said...

It's looking good. Don't envy you the Algerian eyelets. Mine tend to look as if I've had several G & T's.